RapidShare Gets New Website Design And Logo

by on June 4, 2008
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Just woke up now, and to my surprise got the first news of the day delivered to me by Sandip, of BlogsDNA. RapidShare is one of the biggest file hosters around the world offering storage capacity of several petabytes (a petabyte is a million gigabytes) and an internet connection that transfers hundreds of gigabytes simultaneously. Yesterday, they had a design change which is more simple, faster and easier in usability.

RapidShare New Logo

Rapidshare New Logo

RapidShare New Website Design

Rapidshare New Site Design

We have launched our newly designed website. We hope you will enjoy the improved usability and better layout! We have also developed a new logo.

And guess what? Premium users now get upgraded to 50GB download limit in 5 days, instead of 25GB limit. RapidShare is also giving away free 1000 RapidPoints to anyone who mails about a particular problem first.

A big project like this aways involves errors slipping in. That’s why we need your help! Did we miss something? Did you experience a bug regarding user guidance or programming? Tell us about it! The sender of the first mail we receive reporting a particular bug will be rewarded with 1.000 RapidPoints, accredited to his or her account. If you do not have an account yet, we will create one for you using the RapidPoints you won. You can also donate your points to somebody’s account.

Mail your report to bugreport@rapidshare.com. Please send only one bug with each report.

I personally think they should now start a blog, so that people can subscribe to their RSS feed to catch the latest news. Do let me know what you think of the latest design.

Go check out the latest design here!

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  • This new Rapidshare design is really good what i liked most the new logo.

    lol 1000 points to bug finder, now people will email them all possible hacks as bug to get Reward :P

  • @Sandip:
    LOL yeah, that’s going to be fun. Let’s see what lucky users will be able to pull out these 1000 RapidPonits from RapidShare.

  • Pretty good idea…

  • Did they get rid of the captcha with cats and dogs that they had been using for past week or so?
    It was damn annoying. Forget about bots it was damn hard even for human beings!!

  • Thanks for sharing.You wouldnt say how some websites are helpful source of informations like this one.Thanks