Flock 1.2 Released With Digg and Pownce Integration

Flock, after weeks of beta testing, has finally released the version 1.2 of its popular social web-browser. Flock is known for integrating some of the most popular web 2.0 social networking services. Like we saw in in the beta version, the final version also has Digg and Pownce support, making Flock more social than it really was! Another announcement that Flock made for everyone is that they will soon be releasing the first beta of Flock 2.0, which will be based on Firefox 3.

Within the coming weeks Flock will release it’s first beta of Flock 2.0, which incorporates the Mozilla technology that powers Firefox 3. So get ready to have all of the latest performance (memory management), security and feature enhancements found in the latest Firefox 3 release along with the unique user experience innovations only delivered by the Flock browser.

Firefox 1.2 with Digg support

They recently won a Webby award for “Best in Social Networking” which is actually quite impressive considering that they were up against Facebook.

If you would like to know what services does Flock currently supports, you can read the list below.

  • People: Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Pownce, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Media Sharing: Photobucket, Picasa, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, and Typepad WordPress.com, and Xanga
  • Online Favorites: Del.icio.us and Magnolia
  • Webmail: AOL Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.

Download Flock 1.2

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