Android Demo Shows Cool Features

by on June 3, 2008
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Android is a mobile operating system being developed by Google. A conference was hosted by Google last week for developers who want to see what Android will be like. And showed some cool features that Android will be capable of doing. I just saw the demonstration clip and I think that it needs a little polishing before Google finally plans to roll it out. The nice slick touches to the interface will make it a perfect iPhone competitor. Overall, I loved the functionality it will have.

Let’s take a look at the key features that the demonstration clip had.

  • Slide to unlock patterns – On the screen you’ll have 9 dots that you’ll be able to create a pattern with, and that pattern is what’s used to unlock your phone. Now, I don’t think this leaves any chances for accidentally unlocking the phone! And it will fun too, since we all love connecting dots, eh?
  • Notifications – A slide down page contains all of your notifications (calendar events, new email, etc…). This all-in-one location is quite time-saving.
  • Desktop – Yes, Android will feature a fully customizable desktop similar to Windows, where users will be able to create shortcuts for bookmarks, contacts etc and drag them to position where ever they want.
  • Street View – The Android devices will include an optimized version of Google Street View that looks pretty sweet. You can use your finger to spin the map around, or enable the compass view feature that will rotate the 3D imagery according to the direction you’re facing.

The key points that I explained above can be seen in the following demonstration video.

And guess what? We can even expect some Android variations by users because Google has now said that Android will be 100% open source!

[Via CyberNet]

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