Osama Bin Laden Shot Dead In India

by on June 2, 2008
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Uncle Bush

Just now while browsing through a local forum, I came across this news that took my breath away: Osama Bin Laden Shot Dead In India. Do give it a read (link below), if you are curious to know where, how and who shot him.

Link: Osama Bin Laden Shot Dead In India

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  • Link is not working

  • @Shitu: Sorry, it’s fixed now.

  • Ouch .. Haris that was a elephant shot dead and i was thinking the terrorist Osama Bin Laden…

  • Woo, that took me off completely, thanks for the complete story link, other wise it would have been a completely different story :)

  • I’m hooked to your title Haris! :D

  • Have you read Mahabharata?
    The Pandavas had killed an elephant called Ashwathamma, but Yudhishthir shouted “Ashwathhama DEAD” and then mentioned in a barely audible voice that it was an elephant to trick the enemies.

  • i thought they killed him in pakistan LOL!

  • rj

    they did you retard

  • conspirator

    r u sure, about that rj :) or maybe u were in the team, that they say, killed him?