May 08 – Blog Roundup

by on June 2, 2008
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May 2008The last time I did a roundup post was somewhere in November 2007, when my stats were dropping. But since then, a lot of things has changed. I took a 4 months break because of my exams, and then returned back at the end of April and having posting regularly since then. The stats have been pretty interesting than what they were back in November.

Now let’s kick off with this year’s first roundup post, and first begin with the best posts of the previous month. Do let me know which one you enjoyed the most.

Blog Posts:

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Blog Traffic:

Traffic graph

Unique Visitors: 71357
Pageviews: 486578
Page/visits: 2.29
New visits: 89.24%
Average Time: 00:02:04

Traffic Pie Chart

Search engines dominated my this month’s traffic and I think it’s really good.


Adsense: $222
Kontera: $38

Total: $260

Top 5 Keywords:

  1. orkut themes
  2. rapidshare happy hours
  3. orkut theme
  4. rapidshare happy hour
  5. rapid share happy hour

Feed Readers:

The increase of feed readers this month has really amazed me! At the start of previous month, my feed readers were 220 on average, and in the end on May, they are 420! My target is of 500 readers by the end of June.

May rocked for me! How has it been for you all?

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  • Woow!!! Awesome Pageview …Rapidshare Happy hours and Orkut theme at end of this month gave really good kik at Sizzledcore stats.

    Best Time Ahead for Sizzledcore with some exponential Avg. Visitors Growth

    Keep this grate posting frequency..

  • @Sandip:
    Thanks a lot buddy! I had to make up for my break from Jan – April.

  • Great stats buddy. You are getting amazing amount of traffic. Keep up the good work.

  • @Madhur:
    Thanks! I hoping to see better results this month. :)

  • good job haris

  • Those are very good stats no doubt. You have bounced back very well. :)

  • Congratulations.

    I see that you manage to occupy good positions in SERPs for some good keywords like Orkut themes etc.

    Great going buddy! :)

  • Great !!!

  • Very impressive stats buddy!
    Good to see your back to blogging with a strong new passion! :D
    I am gonna start updating my blog from next week as well.

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