How To Create A Live USB Stick Of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy

There are several ways to install Ubuntu on your system, and those methods have proved quite handy. For instance, if you don’t have a CD/DVD-ROM, you can use your USB stick to install or run Ubuntu. Methods for installing Ubuntu through hard disk or a computer on another network are also available. But the best method I like is to use a bootable live Ubuntu USB stick.

Install Ubuntu On USB Stick

This is a new method and is being adopted and used by many, since it’s more easier, faster and portable way of installing Ubuntu on a computer. You only need a 1GB USB stick and Ubuntu already installed on a computer.


You will have to make sure you meet the requirements to create the live USB stick of Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu 8.04 Destktop CD
  • 1GB USB Stick (1GB, at least!)
  • Internet connection
  • “Boot from USB” option in the BIOS (on the computer where you want to install Ubuntu)

How To Create A Live USB Stick Of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Let the tutorial begin!

1. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources, click on the second tab (Third-Party Software), click the ‘Add’ button and paste the following line:

deb hardy main

2. Click the ‘Add Source’ button and then click on the ‘Close’ button. It will ask if you want to reload the information about the available software.

3. Now, open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and paste the following command:

sudo apt-get -y install liveusb

4. When the installation is over, insert the USB Stick on your PC and the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop CD on your CD/DVD-ROM drive.

5. Insert your USB stick and Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop CD.

6. Then go to System -> Administration -> Install Live USB.

7. Click on the “Options” link and then check the “Download and integrate Adobe Flash Player” box. Then click the ‘Execute’ button and you will be asked if you want to install Ubuntu on that USB disk and if you are sure that you want to erase all the data and partitions on it. If you are sure, click ‘Yes’ on both questions. The data will now start being copied and will take about 5-6 minutes for the whole process to get over.

Now you can remove the USB stick and enjoy installing Ubuntu on your friends’ computers or run and use it directly from the USB stick. It’s better to have a bootable live USB stick rather than having a bootable CD, since it’s smaller in size and easier to carry anywhere.

[Via Softpedia]

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