FeedReader 3.13 Midrelease 2 Released

by on May 30, 2008
in Internet, Softwares

I think I’ve never reviewed this feed reader before, but let me tell you that this is my favourite feed reader. FeedDemon is also a good one, but I find it a bit complicated to use. FeedReader is way easier than any other feed reader available and it’s surely the best!

FeedReader 3.13

Recently, a new version of FeedReader was released. They still haven’t released the final version, the latest version is said to be the second midrelease of FeedReader 3.13. Midrelease is a version which is neither a beta or a final version. Only interested people try this.

With this version, comes a new feature (which is not found in any other feed reader) with of the help which you can add new articles, or edit current ones. Sounds weird, eh? But it can be really useful. Like, keeping notes for specific articles just to gather information for your knowledge base.


You can download FeedReader 3.13 Midrelease 2 from here.

P.S. I didn’t do any posts in the past 2 days because I just bought a new PC and it was having some hardware compatibility problems. Everything is working fine now, and regular posts will be up from today :)

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  • I have found a online app which is really awesome,it is called planetaki…

    Added your blog their!

  • @Sid: It sure looks nice, but I can’t figure out the language on the registration page. I wish it was in English.

  • @Sid – Even it was hard for me … but i refreshed the page and it came back to the english mode… try this http://www.planetaki.com/en

    It will show invalid page,click on planetaki again and you will get a english mode.. (My hack ..lol)

    After signing up,add websites and get updates.. I joined 5 hours ago and love this facility.You can see this http://www.planetaki.com/blogote

  • @Sid: Hahha, your hack works! I just signed up for my own account http://www.planetaki.com/harisn I like the idea. Post this hack on your blog :)

  • @Haris – I would love to post this but it is a startup company which i found out myself… Let me get eluded with them for sometime… :-)

    Have a great day!