Turn Windows XP Into Media Center With Media Portal

I always wanted to try out Windows XP Media Center, but never actually got a chance. Today, while surfing the Internet, I stumbled across a very cool application that could turn your PC, or your TV into an advanced Media Center. It’s similar to the original XP Media Center, as it lets us listen to your favourite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder including much more.

Media Portal Screenshot

Media Portal, a HTPC (Home-Theatre PC) software, is a free open-source application that provides us with user-friendly and a very easy-to-use interface to play, record your movies, listen to music and radio, watch pictures etc. It’s functionality can be expanded by using third-party plugins, that are built for Media Portal. Some examples of such plugins include: WebBrowser, Outlook software , Skype and etc.


If you are looking for some custom plugins to get the most out of Media Center, visit the official plugins page.


Media Portal can be downloaded from here.

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  • This is pretty cool – I’m working on building a HTPC and was considering MythTV for Linux, but now I can checkout a Windows alternative!


  • Great update and you explained it very well.I found your site very useful.There are few moments that come only once in a lifetime. People want to capture these memorable moments so that they could live them forever.

  • Indeed its a wonderful software, I too had reviewed it few days back.

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