Photo: First Signs Of Geekiness

by on May 28, 2008
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I had a very tiring day today, and currently, it’s 5AM in the morning and I still haven’t got any sleep. I thought a bit of humour would make things better :) Ever wondered what are the first signs of computer geekiness? Well, I guess the photo below will explain everything.

First Signs Of Geekiness

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  • lol Haris I am not at all pleased to see what you have been doing in your childhood lately lol

  • Hey… that’s me :-)

  • Is that Bill Gates in his childhood lol :D.

  • lol funny

  • Nice…dude, I just scrolled over a commenter name and got all kinds of crazy info! That is sweet…which plugin are you using?

  • @Aseem

    Haris is using the following plugin for commentators info:

    I would to see Haris tell you that he got to know about this plugin from me :)