Introducing Windows 7 With Real Screenshots

by on May 26, 2008
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If you thought Windows Vista was the end of Windows franchise, then you’re wrong. Currently in development, is Micorosft’s next version of Windows named as Windows 7. It is expected to be released in 2010, four years after the release of Vista. Windows 7 or Windows Seven, was initially codenamed as Blackcomb, but later in 2006 it was renamed as Windows Vienna and last year it was named as Windows 7. Who knows, we might hear a new name by Microsoft this year?

This time Microsoft is expecting to surprise its users and customers with performance tweaks and improvements rather than providing eye-candy visuals like they did in Windows Vista. Some of the latest features in news, regarding Windows 7 are, support for Virtual Hard Disks, new user-interface, a new calculator (totally lame!) etc.

Bill Gates Reveals Information About Windows 7

Bill Gates spoke at the Windows Digital Lifestyle Consortium in Tokyo and revealed some interesting, new information about Windows 7.

We’re hard at work, I would say, on the next version, which we call Windows 7. I’m very excited about the work being done there. The ability to be lower power, take less memory, be more efficient, and have lots more connections up to the mobile phone, so those scenarios connect up well to make it a great platform for the best gaming that can be done, to connect up to the thing being done out on the Internet, so that, for example, if you have two personal computers, that your files automatically are synchronized between them, and so you don’t have a lot of work to move that data back and forth.

Windows 7 Real Screenshots

Some images (claiming to be real screenshots of Windows 7) are surfing the Internet these days. No one can guarantee if these are real image or fake one. But they do look cool, and if they are real, Windows 7 is going to be one major OS release!

Via [Sizlopedia]

Windows 7 Features

A YouTube video showing Windows 7 features made to the Digg frontpage a few days ago. Not sure if these a true and authentic, but it wouldn’t be any harm to give it a watch.

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