Tweak Your Windows Live Messenger With A-Patch

A-Patch is a small free patch for Windows Live Messenger (WLM) that can be used to customize and tweak the look and feel of your WLM, plus enhancing it for best experience. You even tweak some functions using A-Patch. This patch is packed with over 80 tweaks, which includes 38 tweaks for the main window (contacts area), 36 tweaks for the chat window and 10 miscellaneous tweaks including multi MSN.

a-patch windows live messenger tweak

Make sure you patch an original unmodified Windows Live Messenger. If you want to patch Windows Live Messenger more than once, then don’t forget to restore your backups each time.

NOTE: Patching Windows Live Messenger infringes Microsoft’s Terms Of Use. Downloading and installing this is your own choice, and I’m not responsible for it.

A-Patch Features

Some of the most notable tweaks are to remove the big advertisement from the bottom of the main WLM window, disable the nudge delay timer, and remove all the unwanted buttons.

Contact List – 38 Tweaks

  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove “Messenger” Title
  • Remove the top of the Contact List
  • Remove Display Picture Container
  • Remove My Display Name & Status Button
  • Remove Personal Message Bar
  • Remove the Main Toolbar
  • Remove E-mail Button
  • Remove Sharing Folders Button
  • Remove My Space Button
  • Remove Windows Live Today Button
  • Remove Make a Call Button
  • Remove Mobile Button
  • Remove Color Button
  • Remove The File Menu Dropdown Button
  • Remove Contact Manager Bar
  • Move Contact Manager Bar to the Bottom
  • Remove “Add a Contact” Button from the Contact Manager Bar
  • Remove “Manage your Contacts” Button from the Contact Manager Bar
  • Remove Contact Search Field from the Contact Manager Bar
  • Remove Contacts’ Personal Message
  • Remove Gleam Notification
  • Remove Emoticons from Contact Nicknames
  • Remove Yellow Information Bar
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Remove Search Bar
  • Center Buttons on the Main Toolbar
  • Disable Song Links
  • Disable “Edit a Group” Dialog
  • Remove Help Dropdown Button
  • Remove Display Picture in Sign-In Window
  • Remove Bottom Links in Sign-in Window
  • Remove Windows Live ID Branding
  • Disable MSN Spaces Contact Card Integration
  • Change Display Picture Link
  • Remove Toast Windows Live Logo
  • Remove Toast Messenger Title
  • Remove Toast Display Picture

Instant Message – 36 Tweaks

  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove Contacts’ Personal Message and E-Mail (To: Bar)
  • Remove Invite Button
  • Remove Send Files Button
  • Remove Web Cam Button
  • Remove Call Button
  • Remove Activities Button
  • Remove Games Button
  • Remove Block Button
  • Remove Color Button
  • Remove The File Menu Dropdown Button
  • Remove Status Information Bar
  • Remove Emoticons Button
  • Remove Winks Button
  • Remove Nudge Button
  • Remove Voice Clip Button
  • Remove Font Button
  • Remove Backgrounds Button
  • Remove Formatting Toolbar Separator
  • Remove Send Button
  • Remove Search Button
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Change Ink Tabs to Text
  • Remove Web Cam Icon from Avatar/DP Containers
  • Remove “says” Text (english only!)
  • Remove “Get Accessories” Link
  • Remove My Display Picture Container
  • Remove Convert Tab
  • Remove What’s Hot Section
  • Remove Nudge Delay
  • Disable Nudge Shake
  • Remove User Is Writing Message
  • Center Buttons on the Standard Toolbar
  • Center Buttons on the Formatting Toolbar
  • Remove “Share Files” drop-down menu (back to MSN 7 1-click functionality)
  • Accept more than 3 files (transfers) at a time

Miscellaneous – 10 Tweaks

  • Polygamy (Multi-MSN)
  • Show Idle Status (english only!)
  • Shorten Status Info in Info Bar
  • Install WinAMP Plug-in for Now Playing feature
  • Remove Advertisement in Sharing Folders Window
  • Remove Billing Info Menus
  • Hide the “My Sharing Folders” Entry from My Computer
  • Enable Sending of “unsafe” Files (.exe, etc)
  • Enable Accepting of “unsafe” Files (.exe, etc)
  • Enable Opening of “unsafe” files (.mp3, etc)

If you enable all the contact list tweaks, your WLM will look like this:

a-patch windows live messenger tweak


Current A-Patch version supports Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1235.0517, 8.5.1238.0601, 8.5.1288.0816 & 8.5.1302.1018

Download A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.5

You can download A-Patch 1.40 RC2 (build 22) from here.

Download A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger 9 (Leaked)

You can download A-Patch 1.41 RC1 (build 1) from here for the leaked version of Windows Live Messenger 9.

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  • i’ve allwayz wanted to customize my WLM in my own unique way thanks for sharring >D.

  • Great patch, thanks for sharing.

  • Noureddine

    thank you, but 6 ant-viruses detected it as a virus

  • Syrius


    Could you make apatch for WLM2009 in future?

  • Seb

    This mod seems to be awesome, although after running it, making the tweaks I wanted, accepted and all that, it didn’t change a single thing? Nothing happens :s?

  • Seb you have a newer version of WLM then this patch was designed for, have to hope a new patch is available soon.