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by on May 24, 2008
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Facebook platformFacebook is planning to roll out the new, redesigned profile this Spring. Their aim is to make things simpler, cleaner and more relevant for the users, without stripping them off with their control over their profile and privacy. And as for developers, they can create more meaningful engagement with users, offer new integration points in profiles, and provide distribution for engaging applications.

facebook new profile design

Developers have been given a beta period to test out their applications with the redesigned Facebook. The new design uses tabs to split up different types of information, still keeping it simple and easy-to-use. Being a developer myself, I was very excited to try out my Facebook application with the new profile. And to my surprise, it worked like a charm :)

facebook new profile design boxes tab

Try It Out!

If you would like to try out the new Facebook profile design, click here. Remember, many features might won’t work as its only open for developers to test their applications.

Now even non-developers can use the new design. For more information on how to, click here!

Let’s take a look at the drop down menus in the top menu bar.

User Menu

Facebook drop down menu

From this menu, you can view or edit your Profile, edit and privacy and account settings. Or if you need to, you can also log out from here.

Friends Menu

Facebook friends menu

Friends menu allow you to view your friends list, recently updated profiles, online friends and allows to further invite or find friends using your email address book.

Applications Menu

Facebook Applications menu

Add, remove or manage Facebook applications added in your profile.

Inbox Menu

Facebook Inbox menu

Here you can manage your private messages, view your Inbox, sent messages, notifications and fan page updates, or compose a new private message.

Let’s move on to the tabs now.


  • Feed: Shows your mini-feed updates
  • Info: Shows your basic, contact, personal, education, work and custom application information.
  • Wall: All the wall posts
  • Photos: View and manage your albums, add, edit or view photos.
  • Boxes: Here everyone can see all the applications added.

Overall, I feel the new design is way better than the current one. It’s more easy to use, and I like the idea that all the applications are in a separate tab and won’t load if we try to open our Profile page. There was one missing thing that I hope to see in the final release of this layout, the Social-Feed. It helped me lot to catch up what’s going in my friends profiles.

Facebook Preview

To preview the upcoming improvements to Facebook, be a fan of the official Facebook Previews page.
Do let me know what you think of this design, and did you like it or not? I’ll be looking forward to know your views.

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