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by on May 24, 2008
in Tips and Tricks

Recently, I wrote about Foxit Reader, the best PDF reader available. Since Adobe Reader uses lots of system resources, I prefer Foxit Reader over that. As you all know, Foxit Reader comes in two versions, free and a Pro version. A number of additonal features can be enabled in the Pro version.

The mini banner ad, in the top right corner, can be seen in the free version of Foxit Reader. That banner can be removed if you purchase the Pro version. Foxit Reader gives its users the choice to disable this banner from View > uncheck Advertisements. But for some reason, when you start Foxit Reader again, the ad comes back.

How To Remove Banner Ad From Foxit Reader

I have found a trick by which you can remove the banner ad forever! All you have to do is open Foxit Reader and uncheck Advertisement from the View menu. Close Foxit Reader. Again open Foxit Reader, and repeat the above process for about 2-5 times. My banner ad was removed after repeating it for 2 times.

With Banner Ad

Foxit Reader: The Best PDF Reader

Without Banner Ad

Foxit Reader: The Best PDF Reader

Do let me know if this trick has been useful to you :)

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  • hey thanks for sharring this with me haris i didnt knew that i was getting bugged by that for a while now :D.

  • Jo

    There are two methods here, quite useful.

  • @JO:
    That fix is useful. Thanks for sharing it here with my readers.

  • tech128

    This way to disable the adverts does not work anymore, they removed the ability to disable.

    I’m going to pdf xchange, where they don’t do this kind of stupid stuff.

    There’s plenty of other alternative readers out there as well with no adverts.

  • Sharad

    Those ads were annoying.
    Thanks for sharing the tip.
    Worked on the first try.

  • Thanks! Helped a lot indeed.

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  • baltic

    for version 3.1.1 you have to edit the following registy key
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareFoxit SoftwareFoxit ReaderMainFrameShowAd and replace the value 1 for a 0, that will do the trick

    good luck!

  • DbigXray

    WOW baltic .. your regedit method really works even for foxit reader version 4.1 .

    for newbies => steps are
    1. on start menu type -> regedit and click it
    2. goto HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareFoxit SoftwareFoxit ReaderMainFrameShowAd
    3. click on “ShowAd” and replace the value 1 for a 0

  • Guest

    There's plenty of other alternative readers out there as well with no adverts.

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