Ad-Aware 2008 Final Released

Lavasoft has released the final version of their leading anti-spyware application, Ad-Aware 2008. It has always been my personal favourite anti-spyware and spyware removal tool. Whenever I have felt my computer getting slowed, or behaving unusally. I simply scan it once with Ad-Aware, remove all the unwanted things (spyware, trojans etc.), and voila! My PC gets back to normal at once!

Ad-Aware 2008 lets you fight with the latest threats and advancements of malicious spyware and malware. This powerful anti-spyware software now includes anti-virus protection, as well as extended threat detection, for Ad-Aware 2008 Plus and Pro versions.

Ad-Aware 2008 Final
It’s CSI (Code Sequence Identification) technology deeply checks your system for hidden malware and then searches for similar codes in order to identify emerging variants.


  • Improved Threat Detection on spyware, adware, trojans, hijackers, fraud tools, rogue applications, password stealers and keyloggers
  • Enhanced Rootkit removal system
  • Faster Updates & Faster Scans
  • Less Resource Usage for optimal computer performance
  • Easy to Download, Install and Use
  • Lavasoft ThreatWork submission tool
  • Compatible with Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit)


You can download Ad-Aware 2008 Final (Free) from here.

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