Orkut For Low Bandwidth Users

Orkut has a very nice feature for all the users who are bandwidth concious. If you have limited bandwidth and are addicted to Orkut, you can save a lot of your bandwidth by using Orkut in the low bandwidth mode. Since the biggest thing in size on a web-page are the images, they eat a lot of bandwidth but, this can be prevented thanks to a built-in feature by Orkut. After activating, it will remove all the unwanted images from the Friends Updates, Friend’s List and Communities and show only text

You can see the two screenshots below, and find out the difference yourself.

Normal Mode

Orkut Profile

Low Bandwidth Mode

Orkut Profile

How To Switch To Low Bandwidth Mode In Orkut

  • Log-in Orkut using your Google Account
  • From the left sidebar, click Settings
  • In “limited bandwidth” , select show the low bandwidth version of Orkut. [screenshot]
  • Refresh the page to see the changes.

I hope this tip has been helpful to you.

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  • Thanks buddy, I love the way Google understands the needs and brings about the changes

  • Pretty Impressive. This should have to do something through which they maid gmail faster now. Probably slicing down whats not required.

    Good find man

  • Ruhul98

    its not applicable for new users….as there is no such option..