Amazing Face Art

by on May 20, 2008
in Design, Humour, Pictures

Check out these amazing face art pictures. These pictures were forwarded to me by a friend and thought it would be nice enough to share it with you all here. There are 15 pictures and you can see them below.

Click each thumbnail for the image to enlarge:

Face art 1Face art 2Face art 3Face art 4Face art 5Face art 6Face art 7Face art 8Face art 9Face art 10Face art 11Face art 12Face art 13Face art 14Face art 15

Note: I got these images in a forwarded email. If you have any information about the original artist, please let me know, so that I can link back to him.

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  • Quite a interesting form of art. I wonder how much work the artist had to do to get this.

  • Damn.. Nice Face art. How much amount of work would be required to do this kind of face art…Can’t Guess

  • A

    I want detail of your work, meaning of work

  • lisa

    tell me about the artist please