Yahoo Mail Removing Tagline Ads

by on May 19, 2008
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Yahoo Mail Removing Tagline AdsA few days ago, Yahoo announced on their Yahoo Mail blog that they are soon going to remove the tagline ads that show up below every mail sent through Yahoo Mail.Happy? I bet all Yahoo Mail users will be. These ads were very annoying and could take lots of space in the end, if the mail is a chain-mail, and is being forwarded to every person in our Address Book.

These ads were inserted at the bottom of every message, which were short messages comprising of various products. Yahoo, at the moment, is under pressure to increase its revenue and would sell every ad it has. But I don’t think these taglines would make much difference so they thought to remove it.

Here’s what a comment said on the Yahoo Mail blog:

Is this for real? No tagline advertisement at the end of email messages?The only reason I still pay for Yahoo Plus is so my outgoing mail doesn’t have taglines.

Source: Yahoo Mail Blog

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  • Seems Yahoo heard the inner voice of its users :D . good news thanks for he info.

  • Hurrah! Great news from yahoo. I have been a Yahoo! user since years, and even after having mail id of my domain, I use yahoo for all purposes… Great news.. Thank you…