Gmail Might Get Themes

by on May 19, 2008
in Design, Google, Internet

Gmail themes are not a new thing to users, who are using already skinning their Gmail using third-party tools like Greasemonkey, GMail Skins (Firefox add-on), custom user stylesheets etc. But officially, you can only change Gmail views like mobile, HTML (for slow connections), Standard View or Standard View without Google Talk gadget.

According to Philipp Lenssen, of Google Blogoscoped:

A source is telling me that Gmail will get themes – custom layouts to personalize Google’s web mail client. According to the source, the launch of this may happen within the next months. There will be 12 themes to pick from, according to this information, like a black-and-green “terminal” view, as well as a flowery view.

So, like the idea of having themes in Gmail ‘officially’? I would enjoy themes a lot in it, but I just hope it doesn’t make Gmail more slower than it really is at the moment.

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