How To Type In Bold In Google Talk

Google Talk logoWondering how I wrote in bold letters in Google Talk? This is what I am writing this tip for. In this post, I’ll tell you how you can use bold letters between a sentence while chatting in Google Talk. Most instant-messengers, nowadays, have the text formatting feature to change your text font, colour and to make it bold, underline or italicized.

But for some reason, this is a missing feature in Google Talk, and I don’t think they have any coming plans to add it in Google Talk. Once day, while chatting with a friend, I accidentally found this trick to make letters bold. While chatting I wrote *punch your face* and when I press Enter, this message came up in bold letters.

This is how I found this trick. If you want to type any word, phrase or a sentence in bold, type * below and after the text. I have added two screenshots (below), for you to understand better.

You Will Write:

Google Talk bold


Google Talk bold

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  • Nice Tip Haris :smile: , I suppose their should be more Tips of like this.

  • Also, if you want to send italic text in GTalk simply put underscore “_” before and after the message you would like to send.

    e.g. :- “Hi this is _Rakshit_ from _rakshitk.com_” would look like “Hi this is Rakshit from“.


  • Nice find Harris, just wondering if it is a bug in gtalk :?:

  • Yupe,knew this secret :mrgreen:

  • Very nice indeed… try to dig few more :razz:

  • Nice find Haris. Never knew this

  • @Rakshit:
    Hey, never knew about that. Thanks a lot for sharing it here :)

    I think they forgot to add a text formatting option in Gtalk.

    @Sid, Davinder, Madhur, Sandip:
    I’m glad you guys liked it. There’s a lot more coming in the next few days.

  • That was a cool trick buddy, time to surprise my friends :grin:

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  • o_O nothing really new … you can find it out easily by typing *gg* … if you put a space char in front of the 2nd * it is not shown bold: *gg *

    you also may use both bold and italic *_test_*

  • saima

    hey haris

    cool tips!!

  • Cooper

    Don’t forget you can also use a “strikethrough” feature by typing a single dash before and after your word / sentence.

    -like this- that will strike through both words.

  • kohos

    neat, thanks!

  • Karthik

    Thanks for the tip…

  • Kskater10

    *this is sooooo cool thanks for teaching me this!*

  • ?SmileyVal?


  • Anonymous

    *Why* is this not *working?*

  • Anonymous


  • Bongabes_21

    how to remove from bold letter the web browser?