Faster Gmail For Slow Connection Users

If you haven’t noticed, Gmail has rolled out new improvements today, to their Loading interface while signing in for Gmail. It now has a new loading screen with a loading bar that shows the progress of how much Gmail has been loaded and an option to load your Inbox in basic HTML.

Gmail New Loading Progress Bar

Dial-up users or slow connection users can click the link Load Basic HTML while Gmail loads and it will open much faster than before. You won’t the usual Ajax-powered Gmail, but still, you can at least check your mails if you are in a hurry.

Gmail New Load Basic HTML


Gmail’s loading times have also been reduced to a great extent. Previously, Gmail required 24 requests to load the Inbox, but now it has been reduced to only 4 requests. [Via BlogsDNA]

Here’s what Gmail team has to say:

We’ll keep working to make Gmail faster — there’s a lot we’re doing right now — and we’ll give periodic updates as we get improvements out. (And hopefully you’ll notice some of them too.)

You can also reduce the loading time by appending the nocheckbrowser parameter to the URL [via Digital Inspiration]. This will force Gmail to skip the browser check. You can use the following URL for this purpose:

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