How To Install Windows Vista On PSP

Today, while browsing YouTube in search of something useful, I came across this video that tells you how you can install Windows Vista on your PSP (PlayStation Portable). Actually, it’s not really Windows Vista. It’s just a set of web-pages designed to look like Vista, and once after installation, you don’t need an Internet connection to use it.

PSPWXP is used to install Vista on PSP. When I googled more about PSPWXP, I came to know that there were about 4 types of PSPWXP available for download, customized by users. With Vista on PSP, you can play games, use Internet Explorer 7, use Windows Live Messenger, browse My PSP (similar to My Computer) etc.

Remember: Your PSP firmware should be 2.70 or above.

Now, download PSPWXP 3.8 from here. This was the latest version I could find. Rest of the instructions can be found in the video itself.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if you do anything wrong with our PSP. Try this at your own risk, and make sure you backup files first as a precaution.

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  • It is FAKE!

  • sam

    Its not fake, ive already done it.

  • JGoM3z

    If You Want To Go Back To the Regular View How Would You Do That?? Please Mail Me Back

  • all

    a fuck what a wast of my time u dick suckares

  • ted

    It is called a psp portal there are thousands around the net there are windows portals and there are just flash portals. I have also made a portal myself it is called psp box V1.0 it has 2 web browsers and over 124 games and aplications. it will be realeased very VERY shortly email me at for more infromation.
    and yes i will make a video on youtube or here to show you how to download it and links and what not.

  • Actually there is another way to do something similar, which is to install the Vista theme for the PSP

    (free download)

  • CaLL

    Works really well many thanks for who ever made it

  • hi. after u do vista . can u still play games on memory sticks. or that option is gone. ty

  • Bri

    Can you still play games on a memory stick if you download the Vista app thing?

  • Ray

    i got this thing on my psp called cheat device it is so cool you can have supermans powers but it is only for GRAND THEFT AUTO vice city stories. if you want to know more information contact me at

  • Ray

    it is not fake it is only for psp version 2.6

  • Jorje

    how can i use the vista on psp, with a pandora battery?

  • bob

    how do u it again

  • nico

    where do i have to put the map “pspwxp” in my psp?? and mine psp is a light.. is that alright for using the vista on my psp??


  • Hobo

    Does this only work for v 2.6
    And also, Is it real? anddd can it screw up psp

  • jony223

    thx and it rely helpt me

  • thezoomx5

    I ask u … My psp 3000 .. can put window vista but not work how ?…if u can help me .. i Am deaf

  • rob1994

    you have to put w in caps

  • me

    dude u rok i never luved my psp than ever b4

  • Anonymous

    my modded psp does not play any game on my memory card since i had installed this program


    my modded psp had stop playing games on my memory card since i had install the program :(

  • Guest23561

    does this work with PSP 1000s?

  • what is the current price of psp..and where can i find a good one

  • cool dude as

    cooooooooooolllll :)

  • Steve Balmer

    Cool! I’m running ios and xp on my psp. This works for all psp’s with the firmware 2.70 and over as that runs on flash but it’s already installed into 2.70+.

  • sahil singh

    when i enter addres they said the content cannot be displayed