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by on May 14, 2008
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Microsoft Office 2008 For MacWhat do we have here? A service pack release so soon, and that too by Microsoft! Today, Microsoft released Office 2008 SP1 for Macs. This is one of the fastest turnarounds for a Service Pack. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac released in January, and here we have the first Service Pack right after four months. That’s impressive. Office 2007 for Windows didn’t got any Service Pack for nearly an year after it’s first release.

What’s more impressive are the timings of the VBA (Visual Basic support!) announcements. A week ago Open Office 3.0 Beta was rolled out, which included some early stages of VBA support. Microsoft released this Service Pack just in case, it feared that people would starting looking for Open Source instead of Offfice, because of VBA. May be that’s not the case. Just a thought.


Office 2008 SP1 for Mac can be downloaded from here (180MB). If you think this 180MB Service Pack has something to bigger to give, then sorry to break your hearts, it got nothing special! Just a bunch of performance enhancements.


Here’s a list of changes and updates that are found in this Service Pack:

Microsoft Office Excel

  • Improved compatibility with files exchanges
  • Custom error bars
  • Reliable printing for elements on Excel 2008 workbooks

Microsoft Entourage

  • Enhancements to improve calendar view and all-day reminders
  • Overall improvement to synchronization support
  • Ability to send and view images in Entourage from third-party tools

Microsoft Office Word

  • Improved accuracy when orienting tables with cell shading while printing
  • Improved reliability and responsiveness to select items in documents
  • Updated formatting, recording status and a variety of display options in the main layout

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

  • Improvements to eliminate crashing when printing documents to high-dpi printers
  • Overall 10 times speed increase on large presentations
  • Ability to view Mac .PPTX files on Windows Mobile phones
  • Ability to use the PowerPoint selection object in AppleScript

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