Download ReadAir – Google Reader On Adobe AIR

ReadAir - Google Reader using Adobe AIRAs more and more Adobe AIR applications are popping up, here we have another one called ReadAir. It’s one of the most useful Adobe AIR application ever built. What it really does is, allow you to read your feeds from Google Reader right on your desktop. The current release comes with a Mac OS X themed layout, but soon we’ll have custom themes to try on.

I’m a big fan of Mac, and that is why, I love all the applications that come out on Windows with the Mac OS X theme. You can see a screenshot of ReadAir below:

ReadAir - Google Reader using Adobe AIR

(Click to enlarge)


  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Full synchronization with Google Reader Account
  • Add/Remove/Manage tags
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • User preferences
  • Resizable viewing pane
  • Auto software update
  • Auto login

There are a few missing features, like offline mode, keayboard shortcuts, custom themes, but according to the developer, we’ll soon get them in the future releases.


You must have Adobe Air installed in order to install Read Air.


After you install Adobe Air, download Read Air.

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