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by on May 14, 2008
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Flock (web-browser) is known for integrating some of the most popular web 2.0 social networking services. Recently, they released Flock 1.2 Beta, and guess what, it’s now even more social! Hard to believe, eh? They have added support for keeping up with your friend’s activities on Digg and Pownce, and now you can also instantly get your AOL emails notifications.

Below are the two screenshots if you would like to see how Digg integration looks like.

Flock Digg

If you would like to know what services does Flock currently supports, you can read the list below.

  • People: Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Pownce, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Media Sharing: Photobucket, Picasa, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, and Typepad, and Xanga
  • Online Favorites: and Magnolia
  • Webmail: AOL Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.

Once Flock gets updated to Firefox 3, it will become a lot better browser. I hope they work on the performance side, because, like Firefox, Flock too eats a lot of memory.

Download Flock 1.2 Beta

Via [CyberNet]

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  • If you’re going to steal an image from CyberNet, you might want to consider giving credit to the site for tipping you off to the story.

  • I even need to give image credit? Sorry, didn’t knew that. Doing it right away.

  • Well it just seems like common sense that if you didn’t create an image yourself you should post to the source. The fact that you used an image that was obviously taken from CyberNet also makes me think that you probably found out about the software from CyberNet, so the courteous thing to do is to post a [via CyberNet] link in the post.

    Not everyone will know who Ryan Wagner is. But when I saw that you used this image, I figured that’s where you got the picture from and I was surprised to see no credit given where it was due.

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  • If someone got an idea from my blog, then yes, I’d definitely want him to link back. But I didn’t had the slightest idea for the images.

    Thank you very much for bringing this into the spot light for me. I’d bear that in mind from now on. I won’t do that mistake again. Thanks again.

  • It’s time i give this a try.

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