Petition To Stop Facebook From Deleting Profiles

by on May 10, 2008
in Facebook, Internet, Web 2.0

Recently, I’ve have seen many Facebook members complaining that Facebook has started deactivating and deleting accounts for small reasons. Like for instance, last week, my friend found and added about 20 of his old friends in about 24 hours. The next day when he woke up and tried logging in, he found that his account has been disabled for adding too many friends in a very short time. A petition group has been set up by the members to stop Facebook for doing this. All those who want Facebook to stop deleting accounts, join here. This group already has more than 10,000 members. I’d really appreciate if you’d invite your friends too.

Here, I’d also like to share my little experience with such situation. A few days back, even my account was disabled and that also for just not choosing a school network. I know, you can’t use your account till you don’t join a network, but I’m a Facebook member since a long time. About when, they didn’t even had school Networks. I really got frustrated over this and I mailed them on this. Of course, I used some sweet words, and in reply, the admin told me how to join my school network and I got my account back within 4 hours.

Have you ever had your account disabled on Facebook? Or on any other social-netwoking site? Do share your experience below. If you’d like to add me on Facebook, you can do it from here.

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  • Never heard about this. I tried adding all my friends at one go, not sure how many I added. Need to be careful.

  • trisha

    I got my account warning for using a feature too much. Friend requests. Than it was disabled. This is unfair since no limits are stated as to how many people you can add.

  • stephanie wells

    my profile was deleted without any explanation.Customer support sucks!