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by on May 7, 2008
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Google AdSense has recently come up with some new features and, a new and improved AdSense for Search. Google AdSense is the leading ad-network for webmasters. With AdSense, you can monetize your blog/website with contextual ads, link units, referrals and of course, AdSense for Search.

With AdSense for Search, your blog/website visitors can perform a search query on (right from your website’s page) or search within your blog/site. And you could earn a few bucks every month with it. I use AdSense for Search for my visitors to search posts on this blog. You can see it in action in the sidebar, below the advertisements.

Some of the possibilities were limited with AdSense for Search and you could not take full control over the Search button. But AdSense team announced today, that AdSense for Search is now upgraded with all the features of Google Co-op (a cusotm Google Search) and a bunch of new features has been added to get the most out of AdSense for Search, such as

  • Improved indexing of your pages
  • Vertical search
  • Tuning search results and ads with keywords
  • Selecting ad location
  • Quick and easy updates

These were just the highlights of what has been added to AdSense for Search. For a detailed overview, head over to the official blog and read more about them.

Moreover, Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, explains that

“The custom search engine team essentially is creating a side index and they are willing to use Sitemaps to improve the coverage of custom search engines. So AdSense for search gets better and the coverage of your custom site search gets better. But you won’t get extra URLs placed in Google’s main web index.”

And a plus point about this is, that if you provide Google with a  Sitemap through the Webmaster Tools, they will improve you own search engine.

I’d recommend all my readers and webmasters not to miss out this oppurtunity and make the most out of AdSense so that you could earn maximum revenue off their blog/website. And most of all, don’t let your visitors go away from your site without making you any profits.

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