Another RapidShare Happy Hours Detector

It’s just been four days, and my previous post on RapidShare Happy Hours Detector is one of the most popular posts of this blog. Since, the first word of happy hours got out, it has gained a lot of popularity and a number of developers have tried in making numerous RapidShare (RS) Happy Hours detectors, but not all off them worked.

This week I have a new detector to share. And the best part is, unlike the previous one, it doesn’t need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to work. The application below is called RapidShare HappyHour-Checker.

RapidShare Happy Hours - Checker

You can download this app from here.

The other one I have today to share with you all is an update of the previous RS Happy Hours detector I shared. This is called HappyCat and is developed by 20lives and Perrin and the latest version is 1.0.1.

RapidShare Happy Hours - Happy Cat

This app can be downloaded from here. If you want mirrors or alternative links, feel free to request below.

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  • This might be stupid, but what the heck is a RapidShare Happy Hour anyway???

  • :mrgreen: happy hourz r those in which u dun have enter d codez…u can download widout entering codes

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  • noisound

    i just got net framework 3.5 with happycat v1.0.1 and is telling me there’s happy hours when there actually isnt !

    as of 1:30 pm -8 GMT

    i would try the other happy hours checker but i have reached my limit on rapidshare =[

  • Justin

    I noticed it didn’t make you enter the code, but I was hoping it was more like Premium for Free users in a way, no wait time between downloads, but you still could only download one at a time. Guess I was wrong.

    Don’t see a real advantage to this other than the fact that now free users can run programs to download their files without having to do the work.

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  • cincy

    Could someone please upload this to somewhere other than Rapidshare?

  • $dead

    nice program.
    the main advantage to
    rapid share happy hours, I would say would have to be to where
    you can go to anominous proxy websites(to by pass the download limit), and not have to enter the letters in the image. because allot of proxy website block the letters in the image some times.

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  • hydrallus

    I got here by googling rapidshare happy hour.. as I just saw it for the first time ever in green letters.

    Sure enough only 1 download at a time (lame) and when it was quickly completed I went back for more.. but alas its over. Fun fun fun.

    Also, please don’t be so ironic as to post the damn software onto a rapidshare link.. how about divshare or something?

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  • I have submit in megaupload at

  • The program is compresed in a rar.

  • Tony

    My personal list of free premium rapidshare accounts. They where all verified today.

  • Ali

    I have read a comparison between premium and Free Rabid share but to my gaze i dont understand and maybe my mind doesnt want to, which unfortunately maybe that the free rapidshare download get deletion after 90 days? i mean the pdf book i have downloaded from free rapidshare will get expired after only 90 days? is that true???? somebody tell me “NO”.

  • Hassan

    ************ Windows Vista Rocks ****************

  • scapi

    thanks PhoneixS for the Megaupload link

  • cx420ns

    ALI – the 90 day limit only applies to uploads, not downloads, if you’ve uploaded a file and noone else has downloaded it in 90 days they delete it.

    PhoneixS – TYVM for the megaupload link =)

    happy cat is so much better than the other one that’s half german and has no instructions on usage.

  • Samhain

    What do I have to type into linkchecking URL?
    and what do I have to choose in Open file:Happy hour, no happy hour?
    can you give me an example?

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  • Thanks for this post. It is useful!

  • armenx

    Is there any way that u can share rs account with me? I do download as free user everyday and it really helpful if i can download using premium speed. Pls reply to my email thanks