Sizzled Core Facebook Application

Facebook logoHey friends! I have made my first Facebook application. Now all the Facebook addicts can add this blog’s feed and read all the latest articles right from their profile using the Sizzled Core RSS Feed application.

I was really impressed by TechnologyBites for making a RSS feed application using the tutorial by HowToForge. So using that tutorial, I started working on my own and in 3 hours of playing with that ‘developer’ stuff, I finally completed my app.

Sizzled Core RSS Feed Facebook application

(Click the image to enlarge)

I wasn’t able to get the Invite page to work, but I’ll find a way to fix that soon and implement it. For the time being, this app can only be added manually and no invitations could be sent.

You can add the Sizzled Core RSS Feed application from here and if you would like to add me as your friend, do it from here.

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