Find All The Installed Windows Updates

While surfing the web, I found a very interesting utility that can list all the Windows updates installed on your system. I’m always interested in such small applications as they could come in handy anytime!

Moving on back to the application, WinUpdatesList can run from any location on your drive. It neatly displays all the Windows updates (hotfixes, service packs, individual updates) in a table and shows information about the name of the update, its description, and the date that update has been installed. You can also find out that which user installed the updates.

A click on the updates opens a browser window with the Knowledgebase article of that specific update from Microsoft. Isn’t that sweet? :P

(Click on the image to enlarge)

There’s a little compatibility issue. This useful, handy application works on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. On Windows 98/ME, some columns are not displayed, because the related information is not stored in the Registry as in Windows 2000/XP. And I feel sorry for Vista users, as this WinUpdatesList does not run on Vista.


You can download it as a zip file, or as a self-install executable.

More details about this app can be found on its official release page.

Second Method

Well, the second method is by opening Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel in Windows. Simply check the Show Updates box, and all the installed updates will be listed in the list below. You can even uninstall any update from there.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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