Google Talk In Orkut

Orkut LogoIsn’t it nice to chat with your buddies while you find and make new friends on Orkut? It’s about time I last posted about a Greasemonkey script.

I don’t think Greasemonkey needs any introduction. I have a habit to go through the GM scripts site after every few days and look for new and interesting scripts.

I’m not much a fan of Orkut, the social-networking daddy. But I do like using Facebook, since all my old mates and buddies are there. The script today I found is for Orkut, and with this, you can integrate Google Talk in your Orkut’s main page! Chat junkies are definitely going to live this! Now you don’t have to leave your browser anymore to chat with your friends.

After you enable this script, log out and log in again (if you were already logged in), and after your Home page opens, you will notice a small link show_google_talk above your Friends widget in the right column (sidebar). Click on that, and the widget will expand. Then you’ll be asked to enter your Google username and password. And start chatting!

Google Talk In Orkut

What happens actually is, that it shows the web-based version of Google Talk in the widget. And since it connects directly to Google, it’s all safe to use your Google username and email there.


I don’t think this has to be repeated again and again, but there are some people who are still not aware of Greasemonkey.

  • Mozilla Firefox (get one here for free!)
  • Greasemonkey (an add-on extension for Firefox)


You can download this script from here.

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