Thunderbird Released

by on May 2, 2008
in Firefox, Internet, Softwares

Mozilla Thunderbird logoMozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. And it’s my favourite email client. I use it to get my Gmail and Webmail mails.

Today, while checking my mails, I was prompted to restart Thunderbird as a new update has been downloaded and installed. I did as it said, and later found that the new Thunderbird has been released!

According to the official blog, this update of Thunderbird fixes several bugs and two moderate security issues. So it’s recommended to update your client as soon as possible.


Update your browser manually, or if you have enabled automatic update, then you new Thundrbird will be on it’s way ;) Or if you don’t get it from there, then head over to theofficial Thunderbird website.

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