Revert Back To Old Google Favicon

by on May 31, 2008
in Google, Internet

You all must have noticed the new Google favicon image, which is now a simple blue-coloured g, instead of the colourful-boxed G. Some people are liking it and have appreciated the new favicon, but on the other side there are people, like me, who think that the old favicon was better. I really don’t like this favicon, and have found a way by which you can revert back to the old one.

Revert Google Favicon

It’s a very simple Greasemonkey script (What is this?) which changes the new Google favicon with the old favicon image.

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Coming Soon: Google Adsense For RSS Feeds

by on May 31, 2008
in Blogging, Internet

FeedBurner is finally rolling out the most-awaited feature for Google AdSense: AdSense for RSS Feeds. The rumours were on for quite some time now, and yesterday they finally announced that they will be releasing it next week.

Previously, only a few beta-tester publishers were allowed to use AdSense for RSS Feeds. But from next week onwards, all publishes will be able to enjoy the benefits of this ad-publishing program. Initially, it will be experimented with a few AdSense publishers, and then soon will be expanded for everyone.

Ad Sample

Ads RSS Feeds

Image Source: Digital Inspiration

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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta Gets New Features

by on May 31, 2008
in Internet, Softwares, Yahoo

It’s been months since the first beta version of Yahoo Messenger 9 was released. Since then, improvements have been made and new feature are being added in every update. The latest version includes a few new features along with bug fixes, stability and speed improvements, plus some changes to the contact list.

Yahoo Messenger 9

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Nokia 7310 Supernova Is Out

by on May 31, 2008
in Personal

Only a few days ago I posted about the first official picture of Nokia 7310 released by Nokia, and guess what, it’s now available in the market! Everyone thought this S40 powered phone will be a part of the classic series, but it turned out to be 7310 Supernova. This name doesn’t look good for an ordinary phone like this one. I think it would have been better with the classics.

Nokia 7310 Supernova

Currently, it’s available in Asia only. Previously, it was thought that this phone will have a 3.2MP camera, but it turned out that we were wrong and it only has a 2MP camera.

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FeedReader 3.13 Midrelease 2 Released

by on May 30, 2008
in Internet, Softwares

I think I’ve never reviewed this feed reader before, but let me tell you that this is my favourite feed reader. FeedDemon is also a good one, but I find it a bit complicated to use. FeedReader is way easier than any other feed reader available and it’s surely the best!

FeedReader 3.13

Recently, a new version of FeedReader was released. They still haven’t released the final version, the latest version is said to be the second midrelease of FeedReader 3.13. Midrelease is a version which is neither a beta or a final version. Only interested people try this.

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Photo: First Signs Of Geekiness

by on May 28, 2008
in Humour, Pictures, Uncategorized

I had a very tiring day today, and currently, it’s 5AM in the morning and I still haven’t got any sleep. I thought a bit of humour would make things better :) Ever wondered what are the first signs of computer geekiness? Well, I guess the photo below will explain everything.

First Signs Of Geekiness

Another “Leaked” 3G iPhone Photo

by on May 28, 2008
in Personal

Here’s another so-called ‘leaked’ 3g iPhone photo and this time it’s by a Dutch site and to me, this photo looks quite convincing. But still, I can’t be sure that this is 100% the same 3G iPhone that Apple is going to release. I don’t understand one thing, that why do only ‘leaked’ 3G iPhone photos makes their way on the web. Why are there no videos? I wish I could see a video of a working ‘leaked’ 3G iPhone. This image is totally different, from what I posted last time.

Apple 3G iPhone

Turn Windows XP Into Media Center With Media Portal

I always wanted to try out Windows XP Media Center, but never actually got a chance. Today, while surfing the Internet, I stumbled across a very cool application that could turn your PC, or your TV into an advanced Media Center. It’s similar to the original XP Media Center, as it lets us listen to your favourite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder including much more.

Media Portal Screenshot

Media Portal, a HTPC (Home-Theatre PC) software, is a free open-source application that provides us with user-friendly and a very easy-to-use interface to play, record your movies, listen to music and radio, watch pictures etc. It’s functionality can be expanded by using third-party plugins, that are built for Media Portal. Some examples of such plugins include: WebBrowser, Outlook software , Skype and etc.

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Dreamweaver CS4 and Fireworks CS4 Beta Released

by on May 27, 2008
in Internet, Softwares

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 logoThe first public beta of Dreamweaver CS4, the popular WYSIWYG editor by Macromedia, has been released by Adobe today and is now available for download on Adobe Labs. And this isn’t all. They have also released the first public beta of Fireworks CS4, which is also available on Adobe Labs for download.

Currently, full beta testing is only available to those who have purchased Dreamweaver CS3 or Fireworks CS3, or you only get a 2 day trial. To download the beta version of Dreamweaver CS4, you first need to submit your Dreamweaver CS3 serial key at the Adobe Labs to get a new serial key for Dreamweaver CS4. Same is the case with Fireworks CS4.

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