Firefox 4 – Already? Yes!

Hi, this is Pumxee from I’ll be guest blogging here for Haris till his exams don’t finish.


Firefox 3 hasn’t even released yet, and the first alpha release of Firefox 4 is out!

Internet Explorer 8 looks promising this time, but Firefox is surely taking the lead, with Firefox 4 supporting Javascript 2 already into the pipeline, the future seems to be with Firefox!

FTP Page:

Download (EXE):…re.en-US.win32.installer.exe

Download (ZIP):…

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  • oh wow firefox 4 is out they did’t took too much after 3, infact 3 was too in beta stages.. consider having a look on another browser launch ;)

  • asifgunz

    well i still use the 2nd one,, does the job.

  • good 2 c updates here. I have download it. lets try.

  • Firefox 4 alpha 1 is not released. These are pre-release builds. There is currently no timeframe for an alpha 1 release. These builds aren’t any different from current Firefox 3 beta builds.

  • Decifer

    This is stupid. Who gives a crap. Your making it seem Firefox is all that. It’s not, at least not yet. Until Firefox 3 comes out, you shouldn’t worry about the 4th release. Plus I agree with Ted, it’s not a release. Get your facts straight before assuming crap…

  • Seriously yall, it looks iight, and it is a Mozilla link, so that should explain it is Firefox 4, but still… i havent tested it, and dont really plan on it yet.

  • JAN

    THANG YOU :twisted:

  • Gerard

    Is this some kind of fake?
    The full FF3 isn’t even out yet.

  • this is really insane stupid moron

  • DjKaissar

    Aguante Mozilla Firefox mucho mejor que Internet Explorer 8