26 Amazing Future Projects Of Dubai

by on March 26, 2008
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What you see below is a massive list of projects waiting to be initiated in Dubai. All of the following amazing Dubai projects have been started or are going to be started soon.

These future projects are all planned in Dubai, the city of dreams! Check out the whole list below that I compiled for the amazing Dubai projects you will soon find there!

What is Dubai?

Dubai, also known as, the City of Dreams, has always attracted business oriented people, but now they are attracting people for residence too! They are on their way to create a mini-universe of their own. The future is near.. Hahaha :)

Dubai in 2050

I remember, when I was in Dubai, in 1999 (not sure), an artist designed a poster that had an envisioned image of Dubai in 2050. You can check it out below:

Dubai in 2050
(Click to enlarge)

And me and my friends used to laugh at the poster, that it’s impossible for Dubai to look like that. But now.. I think that’s going to be possible in just another 10-15 years!

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Top 5 Torrent Clients

by on March 21, 2008
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This post was written by Moin who blogs about whatever he finds interesting on the Internet at TechieSouls. Don’t forget to check out his blog and subscribe to his RSS feed!

I download a lot using torrents. And that’s why I’m always in search of fast ‘n’ speedy torrent clients. Here’s a list of top 5 clients I have found interesting, and would like to share it with you guys! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my review on them.


µTorrent is most known and most used BitTorrent client. The reason behind its popularity is its light weight easy to use functions incredibly the setup file is only 215kb.
Look wise its not that cool its simple yet easy to navigate and useful, The user interface is the simple 2-pane view that most BitTorrent clients have, with in the top half the list of torrents, and in the bottom half the torrent’s details and statistics. It has ability to draw transfer statistics graph and country flag as information next to user’s you are downloading from in peers tab as well as all the tracker information you’ll ever need. Read more..

Firefox 4 – Already? Yes!

Hi, this is Pumxee from MixedDance.com. I’ll be guest blogging here for Haris till his exams don’t finish.


Firefox 3 hasn’t even released yet, and the first alpha release of Firefox 4 is out!

Internet Explorer 8 looks promising this time, but Firefox is surely taking the lead, with Firefox 4 supporting Javascript 2 already into the pipeline, the future seems to be with Firefox!

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