Bye Bye Blogging For 4 Months

by on January 5, 2008
in Personal


I hate to do such posts! :( But unfortunately, I have to do it as studies are my first priority. You guys must have noticed useless and pointless posts from me since the last 3 weeks. Well, the reason was that I’m going to have my finals in April and for that I need to prepare good for the exams. Means, I’ll be again going for a break, and this time it’s not just for a month, but for 4 months straight.

But hey, the next time I return (probably in May), it’s going to be with a bang! :D Yeah, I have many plans when I return. So keep your fingers crossed and keep subscribed to my RSS feed. I hope you won’t unsubscribe from my feed and will help me reach 300 readers by May.

Now wish me best of luck… :P Babye all and don’t think this blog will go dead! I will return :)

Have a great winter!


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  • Blogging can be done anytime, but studies can’t. Good decision :)
    I also have my exams in may and I will try to regulate my blog but if, I can’t do so, I will leave it for sometime as you do.

    Good luck for your exams and I wish that you may pass your exams with flying colors!

  • Good LUck Haris for your exams.
    Be a cool headed student and do well.

  • Good luck man.

  • Good luck for your exams Harris, and i know how it feel to leave blogging, but studies are always the first priority.
    Hope you do well in your exams :)

  • Don’t worry, i am going to subscribe now to your blog..:)
    Best Wishes..

  • Hey Haris! Best Of Luck for your exams and i hope you pass with great digits and i also hope that your blog receives hits in great numbers :lol: :grin:

  • Hey Haris, best of luck for your exams. Study well and be back with a bang!

  • hey sad to see you go my two times contest winner :) .. All the best for your exams, and hope you will score well and great. Study well guy :)

  • Wish you all the luck buddy and hope to see you back soon

  • Good Luck For Your Exams Buddy !

  • very good decision.. best of luck for ur exam, but i think the blogosphere gonna miss you!

  • Best of luck for exams buddy. Will be waiting for you.

  • I’m glad that you are taking a break from blogging for the right purposes! Good luck with your studies and I’m sure you’ll do good in that :)

  • All the best for the exams, hope to see you in May.

  • Aww man…..
    Its sad to see you go. I really enjoyed your posts. Well, good luck with your future endeavors. May you succeed in whatever you do. :smile:

  • Don’t worry buddy, I’ll be here when you get back :grin:

  • I hope you come back very soon ….

  • WOW! What a sweet response! :D Thank you all…

  • zAkOtA | JiN

    tang na kar ja kar sidhi tarhain exams dai warna mein na anty ko shikait laga daini ha teri k ya sirf blogging mein mara rahta ha :wink:
    BEST OF LUCK !!!! 8 april ko hain na exams tumharay ?

  • Gud look for ur exams mate =)

  • Well I am about to do the same, hang up the gloves for a few months while it’s time to study. I’ll be back when you are :mrgreen:

  • Hey man, how is your preparation for exams going? When you coming back to blogging??? :razz: