How To Set A Master Password In Firefox

by on December 28, 2007
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I don’t even remember when was the last time I posted a Firefox trick. Oh yeah, I posted about a Greasemonkey script that could give you a permanent Diwali theme for Orkut. See… Long time, eh? :D

This time the trick is how to put a master password (the big daddy of all the saved passwords in Firefox). Many websites nowadays require you to login using a user name and password. And one of the best features I like about Firefox is its ability to save the passwords so we don’t have to type them again and again. But these passwords are not secured. One can easily go to the settings and view all the saved passwords.

To protect them, Firefox has an additional feature called Master Password. Once applied, every time you try to access a page with a saved password, you’ll be asked to enter the master password first, or the page won’t open. See how safe is it now? Continue reading to knowwhere to enable this Master Password from. :)

How And From Where To Set A Master Password In Firefox

  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Select Options and open the Security tab
  • Under Passwords check Use a master password

Firefox Master Password

Then you’ll be prompted for the password. Enter it, and click OK. Make sure you choose a secure password because this one password will unlock all the other saved passwords.

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Happy browsing on Firefox :)

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  • I don’t use the master password for firefox. All I want is quick access and nobody else uses my PC as well, so I pretty much stick with saving passwords!

  • @Vijay: Same here buddy. No one uses my PC, so I also go for the usual way to save passwords.

  • ram

    Nobosy uses my Laptop but still i use master password. I read somewhere it is best to use master password for security.

  • Master passwords for Firefox. Awesome!

  • Quite a helpful post. Thanks! :grin: