BlogBackupOnline Should Be Banned!

by on December 21, 2007
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First let me tell you what BlogBackupOnline really is. It is a free online service that backs up your blog daily, and stores all the data on their server. It doesn’t matter whether you use Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Friendster, LiveJournal, Serendipity, Windows Live Space, Movable Type, Terapad, or Vox, it recognizes the blogging platform itself and starts collecting data in no time. Every member gets 50MB of disk space for their backup and restoring a blog’s backup was never this easy. You can add as many blogs as you want and anyone’s blog you want. Yes, that’s right! You can backup anyone’s blog (using their feeds), and restore it wherever you want. Still confused? Duh! Continue reading…

A couple of weeks ago, some guy backed up my blog data (thanks to BlogBackupOnline), and was about to sell it off on Digital Point forums under the title Database of PR3 Blog for Sale (hey, I’m PR4 not PR3 :P ) for $20. I was watching my blog visitors through the Live plugin when surprisingly I started getting visitors from Digital Point. Just out of curiosity, I opened the traffic source, and found what was going on.

I reported that guy, but instead of banning him, those idiot admins at DP banned me for using multiple accounts even though I just have one. Luckily, the database wasn’t sold to anyone! :D When I found that I’m banned on DP, I made 10 new accounts and when I checked them today, they all were still working lol. The whole point of this article was to make all the bloggers aware of the disadvantages of this service.

I backed up three blogs yesterday. There was no one to stop me! You can see the screenshot below:


(Cick the image above to enlarge)

What could be done?

Hmm.. I went through the FAQ pages of BlogBackupOnline and found their support email address ( Everyone mail and request them to block their blog from getting backed up. Or what happened with me, could also happen with you!

So how many are with me in this? Spread the word! And do let me know your views below…

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  • I agree with you.This is scary . The site should have a security mechanism through which a people can only make backup of his own blog.

  • This is really pathetic and scary they should atleast verify the site they are backing up with their owners. They definitely have to change or else so many bloggers will start to have problems

  • i certainly don’t want it to happen to me.

  • This is scary, how can anyone backup others blog. I agree with Keith, there should be some way to check whether the backup person is truly the owner.

  • Wow! that’s bad! I’m glad that you got saved just at the right time. The guys at DP suck big time. This blog post should be given all the publicity and for that stumbled!

  • Well, you wrote about it. Much appreciated :)

  • @ReviewSaurus: Thanks for the stumble buddy! I want all the bloggers to know about this.

    @Shankar: You’re welcome! :D

  • IE7 gives me a website certificate error . I am not able to visit this site… I wonder how come something like this can happen ? Without any security check how can someone be allowed to backup your blog. IS this a wordpress security loophole ????

  • OMG!
    This is really scary :eek: they should have a mechanism of adding a code to the blog source or adding a temporary post so that it is confirmed that the blog we are backing up is are own. Stumbled

  • Wow! That is definitely screwed up. Good thing you wrote about it buddy. Stumbled.

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  • Really thoughtful and well researched post

    I am sure no one uses BlogBackUp so its better they should shut their service or develop some authentication system fast

  • Look, as long as you have RSS feeds then your content can be stored elsewhere. Scraper sites do this all the time. No one in their right minds would buy a backup of a blog database. Even if they did and set up a blog with that ‘database’, then search engines would recognise the duplicate content.

  • This is really scary.. but Haris why did you use such service. Man backup your blog from phpadmin or configure plugin to do automatic backup.

    Anyway, very good that you blogged about this blogbackup service which has lot of loopholes… be cautious!!!

  • They should make a system like other services in web. One can only backup a blog which is owned by him. I am amazed that even a newbie like me can tell the right steps to authenticate then how they can’t think abt it?? This is ridiculous :x

  • Yikes, that’s a creepy technique. I mean, why wouldn’t they insist on providing authentication that the person doing the backup is the blog owner?

    Without that, they’ve just made scraping of sites so much easier.

  • Really they are abetting crimes like database theft & should/can be sued if you live in USA or some places with strict cyberlaws. I just read that thread & found you banned. I feel sorry but you should not have created multiple accounts. Anyways no one would buy that. Also I’ve linked this post there.

  • This is horrible.
    This needs to be highlighted.

    So I stumble it.

  • cant the blog owners block backuponline by IP ?
    atleast for hosted wp

  • Thank you all for the stumbles. Really appreciated that. I would like each one of you to post about BBO on your blog, and let your blog readers know about them.

    And thanks once again for spreading the news!

  • @Satya: Buddy, I never made multiple accounts (before I got banned) lol. That’s the only thing I don’t understand. Why did I got banned?!

  • I can understand your concerns, but for once, your paranoia is unfounded. There are plugins to import posts from a WP blog, and these are modified and used by spammers to create the posts like ” Hey here’s an interesting reading, [post excerpt]…”.

    So, spammers will always do the bad stuff, and this service is just helping them offer a choice.

    Still, it is easy for the service to add an authentication step like technorati’s blog claim.

    I would not be very surprised if someone sued them for damage and they were taken down.

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  • abdul

    maybe its out to warez?

  • that’s horrible. i’ve never used it so i don’t worry but wow. that is fucked up!

  • my goodness, never think abt it. thx for sharing ur experience

  • Wow, I never knew about this flaw in blogbackuponline. I use it for backups for my own blog as well. Their service is good, but yea there definitely needs to be a security mechanism for this type of incident to not happen again.

  • Says more about the person offering the backup for sale…

  • @Mathias: Who?

  • DP uses IP-tracking, so the only way you got banned is if you have 2+ accounts registered by the same IP, perhaps you use an internet cafe or something? Anyway, this service for backing up blogs is awful and should be banned. Hey, I’m going to steal Google’s blog and sell it fox $WXYZ!

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  • johnny

    Hi!. I’m scary because i’ve registered in this page. I’d like to know if the “delete option” in that site is secure. I mean (my english is very bad…i’m spanish, sorry) I want to cancel my membership and i’ve thinked that the best way is using the delete option. Is it going to erase my blog with its all content…or it’s only to delete my backups in this page (blogbackuponline)?.

    Sorry for my english again. I hope that you can understand me. I wait for your reply.

  • Em. Is it just me or is this not scary whatsoever..

    There’s a multitude of tools out there for scraping data from websites. You’re entire site is online, there’s no way to prevent people from grabbing your data if they want it.

    What about, or eh, Google, cached versions of pages etc etc.

    Ever seen “Happy Harvester”. I don’t think there’s any point trying to fight against these things cause there is so many of them out there, and one way or another, your data is out there.

    If you’re really concerned there are services for checking whether your content is being used by someone else. These services will let you know when someone else posts the same content and you can then contact them and request the content be taken down.

  • shvtrix

    hey i think they are not operational now,

  • nettim

    Yes, the have nobody to registering it now. The domain name is keeping for sale. But I want to know the real reason about closure story of that web site, since the story you have provided is a side effect result.

    On the other hand, bloggers are waiting for a perfect blog site backup/restore solution too. I think bloggers are hope to see a company can really provide the solution under a trusted realationship with blog service providers. It may avoid “mirroring” ghost sites appears.