Birthday Calendar For Facebook

by on December 19, 2007
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It takes hours to collect all the dates for setting up a calendar, or for a useful reminder service. And most of all, there is hardly a service that reminds you of your important meetings, birthdays etc. through emails, feeds and cell phone. What if you get all this in one place? And that too on one of the most popular social networks, Facebook!

Yes, you’re right! I’m talking about the application, Birthday Calendar, on Facebook. It was developed by BitDates Solutions, and they managed to attract about 2 million users in just one month since they first released it.

Birthday Calendar
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Birthday Calendar allows you to manage the birthdays of your friends, the fast and easy way! And the best feature I liked about this application is that it reminders and alerts could be sent via emails, news feeds and cell phone.

If you are like me who keeps forgetting birthdays, then this is the right application for you!

Have a nice time Facebook’ing!

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  • Well, I dont use facebook. :smile:
    Really useful for people using it.

  • hey haris!
    I have started using facebook after seeing most of my friends over there.
    Will try this app :)

  • I find ppl in India are jus starting to use Facebook… Its an powerful app though, much better than Orkut… Probably in the near future, we might see a lot of them in Facebook…
    I jus want to the add this one as another list-worthy app! :razz:

  • I agree with Kumar, FB is not yet much popular in the sub-continent, but its catching up fast with orkut. BTW thanks for the find, its cool :grin:

  • @Nasir: Yes, you should. It’s a very useful one :)

    @Keshav: You’re welcome buddy!