By The Year 3000

by on December 16, 2007
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How is your weekend going readers? Here’s a funny little post. I got these pictures in a forwarded email long time ago. At that time, I saved these pictures and forgot the location, but yesterday, I again found them while going through some old files. Thought I would share it with you guys.

Ever imagined what technology would be like in the year 3000? :D Want to see? See the pictures below.



technology in year 3000


Bad Language


technology in year 3000




technology in year 3000


Running Nose


technology in year 3000


Save Gas


technology in year 3000


Rich Players


technology in year 3000


TV Channels


technology in year 3000


Indoor Surfing


technology in year 3000


Four-legged Jeans


technology in year 3000




technology in year 3000


Drive Under Water


technology in year 3000


Quick Toaster


technology in year 3000




technology in year 3000




technology in year 3000

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Have a great weekend!

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  • haha,It’s really very funny.

  • Funny man, and some of them seems to be so true.
    i remember a image where a child asks his mother “MOM, was i downloaded?” :mrgreen:

  • Wow! ROFL.

    Very very funny. Thanks for sharing.

    Stumbled this great post!

  • real funny post out there. Stumbled :) .. hahahahaaa

  • @Valibhav: Do you still have that pic? I would love to add that here :D

    @Shankar & Kanak: Thanks for the stumble guys!

  • jon

    this is not funny at all

  • Stumbled!
    :grin: :mrgreen: :grin: :mrgreen: :grin: :mrgreen: :grin: :mrgreen: :grin:

  • @Nasir: Thanks for the stumble, Nasir! :D

  • awesome post buddy. Stumbled

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  • Really funny indeed. Seen a few from the list. :grin:

  • I loved the last innovation :)

  • some are really funny a nice list .

  • @Everyone: Thank you all for commenting and a bigger thanks for the stumbles! :D

  • I love it! My favorites are the Bad Language and the TV Channel haha. Stumbled.

  • really funnny….keep posting more ha ha ha

  • these are really funny, thanks for making our life entertaining Haris :smile: :cool:

  • @Everyone: If I’ll find anything interesting, I would definitely share it with you guys!

  • ahhhh… that means I can’t see all those funny things as I will not be on earth by the year 3000. ;)

  • @Hassan: LOL, yeah. :P

  • funny pics :smile:

    stumbled and dig’d

  • ha ha ha ha! I wonder what more could be done in year 3000! Maybe my thoughts will be read by the computer and will write the blog post easily :mrgreen:

  • @ReviewSaurus

    wow….if this is possible then I am sure there will be million of bloggers in this world.

  • ram

    Hilarious toons buddy :grin: stumbled

  • @Ram: Thanks for the stumble! :D

  • Hamza

    Nice, these are really funny, thanks for making our life entertaining Haris :smile: :cool:

  • LOL….I’d thought of picking some of my favourites, but now they’re all my favourites.

  • Raj

    HA ha ha Very Funny :)

  • TV Channels, Four legged jean are ultimate…

  • Hi from Donetsk, Ukraine. I am leaving comment here just to say thank you for this site, I am looking forward to reading more posts, hope it goes well, all the best, Jay.

  • Akshay

    Lolzzz :mrgreen: :grin: :grin: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    That backpack thing is tooo good…

  • Irfaan

    ROFL…. Nice one :grin:

  • ha ha ha ha.. funny and creative! :grin:

  • Jaheel Frederick

    very funy lol great

  • mylea


  • Gemma

    ha ha that was well jkz :D funni stuff :D

  • Very funny. I liked the ‘runny nose’ one.