Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta Leaked


The news about Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (WLM 9.0), also known as MSN Messenger 9.0, has been around since many days now and I was very eager to give it a try. I even signed up for Microsoft Connect, hoping to get an invitation. But, didn’t got any! LOL! They only gave out invitations to their old members, which included some 5000 beta testers.But guess what? I just found a way to try it out, thanks to Tech Today. And my readers too grab it and try the next version of the world’s most popular instant messenger :)

WLM 9.0 Features

Some of the features that are expected to be included in the coming builds are:

  • Sign-in from multiple locations
  • Report and block users who spam via IM – SPIM feature
  • Clickable links in Status Message like GTalk
  • Animated display pictures (I always wanted this! :D)
  • Personalized signature and per contact sounds


The leaked WLM (build 9.0.1407.1107) can be downloaded from here.

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