November 07 Roundup

by on December 2, 2007
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Well… A very bad month for me :( Maybe because of my exams. My traffic and the earnings dropped approx. by 200%. Even though I got a PR4 in October, still no change. But at least, I got something to be happy about. My feed readers count went up :) And you guys must have noticed the theme change in October. Unfortunately, it was full of errors and problems. So I decided to fix it this weekend. And guess what? Huh, I had to redesign the whole thing again LOL. You can now see the better-than-before and tweaked version of my theme. I hope you guys will like it :)

Now coming back to the stats, the most popular posts of the previous month are as follows:

Blog Posts:

Blog Traffic:


Unique Visitors: 11,706
Pageviews: 22,903
Page/visits: 1.95
New visits: 89.00%
Average Time: 00:01:30


My major traffic source was Google followed by StumbleUpon. I’m also happy that my organic traffic (Google, Yahoo etc.) has increased than inorganic traffic (SU, Digg etc.).


Google Adsense: $27~ ($90~ in the previous months)
Konetra: $9~ ($16~ in the previous months)

Total: $36~ :(

Top Keywords:

  1. vlc skins
  2. gmail emoticons
  3. vlc player skins
  4. pc_efi v5.2
  5. yahoo mash invitation

Feed Readers:This is something I’m very happy about: 170+ readers in November! :D Now my target is 200+ readers this month. I hope I’ll achieve it. :)

That’s all…! You can compare these stats with my September stats (was busy in Oct.) and see how much I lost this month.

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  • Stats drop bcoz of lack of posts during the month.

  • If you ask me this is the first time i liked any theme on sizzledcore. Stats aren’t bad either they will improve with time Goodluck

  • Harris,
    Dont worry abt stats too much. It keeps on increasing and decreasing. Anyways congrats and all the best for future.

  • @Hassan: Yeah, that’s what I too have assumed.

    @Shashank: I’m glad you liked the theme! :D

    @Nirmal: Thanks bro! :)

  • ram

    Dont worry about the stats buddy. Your RSS count is increasing that is good thing. Best of luck for the future

  • @ram: Well, yeah. Feed count is the only thing I’m happy about this month.

  • Nice stats, Haris! I like your theme as well but I think it could use some more color to differentiate some areas visually! Glad to have found your blog and good luck in the coming months. :grin:

  • Dont worry buddy. You will do better this month.

  • Hey Haris! Sad to see that November didn’t go too well for you but don’t worry, December shall be a good month for you! :razz:
    Keep posting nice articles please! :smile:

  • Theme is surely rocking… I am sure stats will rock in coming months, best wishes!

  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone :) I’m also hoping to see some good results this month.

  • The theme’s looking good buddy. Nice job on the the increase in readers. I bet you pass 200 this month easily :grin:

  • The theme certainly looks subtle and nice! And good luck with this month, unfortunately earnings may take a hit if too many readers decide to go on vacation!

  • @Brown: I have my fingers crossed! :D

    @Vijay: Yup, that could happen. It’s the Christmas season!

  • Dj

    A drop from the previous months’ earnings would sure be disheartening.. :cry:
    Hang in there bro.. Dec07 is gonna be rocking.. :D