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by on November 25, 2007
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Yes.. Yes.. It’s true! Microsoft has finally finished working on the most awaited Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for Windows XP. And now, it’s even available to some beta testers. Microsoft has promised to fix a good set of bugs in SP3 RC1, and has some new features borrowed from Vista.

Want to try? Desperate? :D High five to Karthik from Daily Apps for sharing a method to download Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 1 directly from Microsoft’s website.

DO NOT install SP3 RC1 if you don’t know what release Candidate versions are!

Follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoying SP3 RC1 in no time :D

  • Download this file ( WindowsXPSP3Hack.cmd ). Once you have downloaded the file, login as administrator and run the file by double clicking it. Wait for the Confirmation Message on screen.
  • The Above file adds a few entries to the Windows Registry that makes Microsoft think that you are a part of the Private beta program.
  • Check for new updates on Windows Update. You should now see Windows XP SP3 listed in the available updates.
  • Download and install it. Reboot whenever necessary.

This hack will make Microsoft think that you too are a beta tester, and you won’t have any problems downloading the service pack.
Just in case if you are forgetting, this is the final service pack for the world’s biggest operating system. So do get your hands on it before everyone else does!

A few people who tried this SP3 at Daily Apps have reported that this SP3 RC1 doesn’t work for non-English Windows XP versions. So download this only if you have an English Windows XP.

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And sorry guys, I’ve postponed my plan to showcase the SC wallpapers tomorrow, because of my busy schedule next week. But don’t worry… If I’ll get time, I’ll definitely post them! :D

Happy downloading and enjoy! :D

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  • Have you tried this out? Do tell me what are the new features.

  • @Madhur: No, I haven’t! :( I’ll download it on the next weekend because it’s back to school for me tomorrow. And I have a very busy week ahead.

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  • So, you liked the post? :D

  • Have you tried SP3 RC? Some have said that its good and makes XP faster?

  • @Nirmal: No, I haven’t. I’m very busy this week. :( I’ll try it on the weekend. :)

  • HK

    Will you?!

  • HK

    Will you? Me.

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  • :cool: :grin: good makes it more fast

  • Dany

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    i wanna ask u

    it’s good or not ?

    & what is the disadvantigs 4 it ?

    thanks a lot