Diwali Theme for Orkut


I know Diwali was on Nov 9, and this post should have been made earlier this month. But Orkut already had a cool theme for this occasion. That theme was still available to be used a few days back, but it has been removed now.

Many people liked the theme, and wanted it to stay, but Orkut didn’t noticed this and removed it. But no worries folks! A guy called Mr. Nobody has made the same theme as a Greasemonkey script for Firefox users. Now you can enjoy the theme for as long as you want :)

Diwali Theme


(Click the image to enlarge)


Like always, this Greasemoneky script also has the usual requirements:

  1. Download and install Firefox
  2. Download and install Greasemonkey add-on


You can get the theme from here.

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Happy Belated Diwali! :D

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  • This theme was really good one, a break from the blue theme of Orkut.

  • a great theme by google, i personally liked it very much.
    i think google should come up with more occasional themes.

  • @Valibhav: Yeah, let’s wait and see if they have something for Christmas :)

  • Nice find buddy. Its good to have something diffrent for a change

  • @Madhur: I’m glad you liked it! :)

  • Very sweet, I’m going to install it.

  • @Shankar: Yeh, such scripts don’t come everyday :)

  • Cool, I tried this long ago… checking in to say thnx buddy

  • @Davinder: You’re welcome :)

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  • harry

    veer ji 20 rs kat layi ess theme lan naaal naa layeyo koi bhi

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