Wallpaper Tag Game

by on November 20, 2007
in Blogging, Gaming, Humour

Recently, Keshav from TechAlerts created a new tagging game, and tagged me in to show my wallpaper.

Here’s mine:


(Click the image to enlarge)

It’s created by Nivener and is called Blue White. You can download it from here. (520KB).

Just like any other tagging game, I’ll also have to tag my friends. I’ll tag Madhur, Keith, Ram, Nasir, Satish, Kannan, VJ, Anirudh, DJ Flush, Shankar, Sankar, Daniel, PChere, Thilak, JohnTP, Mayank, Ashish, Abhijit, Brajeshwar, Mariuca, Brown and Ajay to show their wallpapers. If I’ve missed someone, leave a comment below.

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  • Thanks God! Your Exams are finished, so we can expect some great blogging from your side. I especially like wallpapers with some tint of art and freshness, this is one is one of them. Thanks for sharing Haris :grin:

  • @Keshav: You’re welcome! :)

  • That wallpaper looks great buddy. Easy on the eyes and very relaxing too.

  • @Brown: Thanks! :)

    Oops! Missed you… Adding you right away! :)

  • Hi Haris, long time no see! Hope everything is okay on ur end. I’ve already done this tag, come check it out here!