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Ahhh.. It feels so good to be back :) Exams went great, and so did my blog stats. I’m really happy to see that my feed count did not decrease. Thank you all for staying with the feed :)

Since Yahoo! has released Yahoo Messenger 8, they started displaying ads at the bottom of the window. Yahoo! Messenger, itself is crowded with stuff like Radio, plugins etc. and with ads it looks very ugly. It gets really annoying when they display flashy animated ads.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to remove those ads from the bottom of Yahoo! Messenger 8 and 9 Beta.

NOTE: After you remove the ads, you won’t be able to use the Chat Room feature. So, don’t try this trick if you use that feature.

How to remove ads in Yahoo! Messenger 8

1. Make sure your Yahoo! Messenger is closed.

2. Download and save this batch (.bat) file anywhere in your PC and execute it.

Done! :P Yeah, really… It’s done!

What actually happened

The batch file you downloaded changes the following registry entries from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Yahoo\pager\YUrl

  • Messenger Ad
  • Webcam Upload Ad
  • Webcam Viewer Ad
  • Webcam Viewer Ad Big
  • Webcam Viewer Ad Medium
  • Change Room Banner
  • Conf Adurl
  • Chat Adurl

The data value of the above entries is changed to an asterisk (*).

How to remove ads in Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta

The above procedure doesn’t work for the version 9 Beta. So I found an alternate method to remove the ads. But remember, by trying this you are breaking Yahoo! Messenger’s terms of service.

1. Exit Yahoo! Messenger.

2. Backup C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe by creating a new copy.

3. Download a hex editor (recommended: HxD)

4. Open C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe in the hex editor.

5. Go to the offset 295928 (in HxD: Search/GoTo)

6. Look at the right column and replace y from “y.m.s.g.r.a.d.s” with p


7. Save the file and close your hex editor.

Done! lol

I hope you enjoyed this trick and would love to subscribe to my RSS feed. I’ll be updating this post for future Yahoo! Messenger version updates.

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  • That certainly is useful.. I’ve grown tired of seeing those ads as well.

  • @Vijay: I’m glad that you liked it :)

  • Nice tips Haris, Never knew about it :)

  • Nice tip buddy. Good to see you back in the blogosphere.

  • Thanks :)

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  • Nice tip, but I use GTalk, Skype and Mirinda for my needs.

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  • Mary

    i use Y!M 9 but it didn’t work that trick :(

  • I have built a patch for all 9.0 beta builds

    you can get it below..


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  • Ravi

    Nice trick…
    How to make yahoo messenger look so simple..
    i mean how to remove all other useless things..

  • johnny

    New offset for build 1389 seems to be 2D8C10

  • terima kasih thank’s

  • Yahoo User

    BAT file did not work.
    It is full of artifacts.

  • Joshua

    New offset for build 1912 is 2E7DC0

    Changing that, however, does not seem to remove the ads.

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  • dedndave

    I wrote a patch program for versions and…
    It only removes the main window ads

    This is the one for – this patch also fixes a few problems..

  • cinoz


    thx :D


    the patch working 4 me
    im using versions

  • dedndave

    Patch for
    Below is a link to download an HTML file.
    Download the HTML file and open it in your browser.
    It provides links to download the pre-patched exe files for all 28 countries.
    – dedndave

  • dedndave

    Below are links to download the patch
    files for versions
    – dedndave

  • dedndave
  • dedndave

    Here’s a little trick that many will enjoy. I absolutely hate the mouse-over contact information cards. Some users may like them. I find not only the pop-up feature annoying, but
    it also reflects “Update” information that is sometimes incorrect. Mine says my mood changed from happy to excited to special and back to happy again. I never changed anything to give the server that impression. Perhaps it is reflected from the emoticons I may have used in a conversation. This information comes from the server in the Temporary Internet Files in a file named “vitality.html”. I also find the use of IE annoying.
    If you want to disable the cards, find the folder “C:\Documents and Settings\(YourWindowsUserName)\Local Settings\Application Data\Y!Msgr\skins\Default”. In that folder, you will find a few xml files. One is named ContactCard.ContactCard.xml. Delete the file and create a folder of the same name in its’ place. After that, you may have to sign in and out of Messenger twice, but the contact info cards will be gone. Also gone is the IE download of the vitality files.
    If you want to keep the contact cards, but remove the “update” info and the IE vitality files, add 2 URL values to the registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager\YUrl”. Under that key, create 2 new string-type values. Here is what a .REG file would look like:


    “vitality banner”=”*”
    “vitality proxy server”=”*”

    A .REG file to turn them back on would look like this:


    “vitality banner”=-
    “vitality proxy server”=-

    Notice that the trick to remove the cards is on a per-user basis, while disabling the vitality “updates” is on a per-computer basis.

    Enjoy – dedndave

    Tim and Dermot – you guys may want to add this to your patch programs.

  • dedndave

    Ooops – my mistake – both tricks are per-user (dunno what I was thinking – lol)
    – dedndave

  • dedndave
  • dedndave

    I apologize for taking so long. I have been busy.
    Also, they are creating releases like horny rabbits.
    – dedndave

  • Legolas

    I tried the patch for build 2136 but I get the message…

    “YP2136.exe – Unable To Locate Component”
    “This application has failed to start because YImage.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”

  • thank you man!

  • dedndave

    @ Legolas
    You must replace the YahooMessenger.exe file in the
    C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger folder with the patched
    exe file. It must be renamed to YahooMessenger.exe. Most
    people rename the original, but you may delete it if you like.
    – dedndave

  • dedndave

    @ Legolas
    You have to rename the original YahooMessenger.exe file to something else.
    Then rename the patched exe file to YahooMessenger.exe and place it in the Messenger folder.
    I believe this is what causes this problem.
    – dedndave

    @ Timmi
    Glad to hear it…

  • weekender

    thanks dedndave for the trick with removing contact update card. it was really annoying.
    not anymore :D


    Sorry guys, this does NOT work in Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Version 9.00.2152.
    When you open the Messenger.exe correctly with HXD, the Yahoo Messenger exe file ( on the line numbes 295928), neither the Hex code or the letters /numbers CORRESPOND CORRECTLY – (Ie: similary to what is shown and stated above sadly.) Back to the drawing board /think tank please as “Nobody” it woudl r seems so far has managed to crack this problem, I personally have spent days trying to find a solution to remove the adverts, in Yahoo Messenger, lol which are so annoying and an unnecessary page filler etc.

  • dedndave

    again, my appologies for taking so long
    as always, rename the original YahooMessenger.exe to something else
    then replace it with the d/l file (named as YahooMessenger.exe)
    – dedndave

    for those who like to edit their own, change the
    byte from 84h to 83h at the following offsets offset 3780E 84h -> 83h offset 3780E 84h -> 83h offset 37F4D 84h -> 83h

  • Bob

    This takes care of the Ad at the bottom of the Yahoo main panel, but it doesn’t remove the annoying AD and weblink at the bottom of the IM window itself (chat window with a contact).

    I’ve recently started getting these AD links, and don’t recall them before loading

  • YahooUser

    I’m sorry to say, I have XP & have YM version .2162 and this did not work; even after re-booting my PC.

  • dedndave

    @Yahoo User
    make sure you follow the instructions in my previous post

    as for getting rid of the other ads – that is a different story
    there are a couple other patches that may get rid of it

    Tim’s patch at wackyB might do the job

  • dedndave

    Heads Up!!!
    Yahoo! is changing a couple things…

    First, if you have more than one Yahoo! account using the
    same primary e-mail address, you may lose the account.
    This is a gradual change; I have seen no official announcement.
    But, I wanted to make a new Yahoo! ID and in the process,
    I was informed that any other account that had the same
    “primary” e-mail addess would become inaccessible.

    Second, I noticed that, by the end of the year, Yahoo!
    intends to do away with geocities free hosted sites.
    So, if you have any geocities sites bookmarked for great
    info or downloads, best get crackin and get what you want.

    – dedndave

  • Here I found the only patch on the web that works with yahoo 9 version 2162.

    Thanks for that!

  • MMG

    Thanks a lot man,
    it’ll be a big relief for my slow internet.
    I’ll pray for your good health and happiness,
    keep doing this good work for the community .

  • dedndave the trick works great on french version too.
    I patched the file myself like you said.
    thanks a lot

  • Chris Schmierer

    KEYWORDs: get rid of ads from chat window in Yahoo Messenger

    Ok boys and girls… I did a little hacking…. I have YM
    I didn’t do the hex hack, I dug through the registry, and Yahoo did a little creative hidey thing….

    change 0 to 1

    Close yahoo down all the way and restart. It at least gets rid of the tagline at the bottom of the chat window. I haven’t tested to see if it comes back over time, but…. Use at your own risk.

    BTW, this isn’t posted anyplace else, feel free to share this around. Blog owner, feel free to make this a new post.

    Next step, to see if I can get rid of the ads on the buddy list screen… keep you posted.

  • Chris, that method doesn’t seem to work for me. Can anyone come up with a solution for version ?


  • dedndave

    see my post of June 5th
    replace the YahooMessenger.exe file with the patched one
    this only gets rid of the main messenger window ad

  • thewzd

    Any updates on “How to remove ads in Yahoo! Messenger” for Version 10.0.0?