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by on October 16, 2007
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Hi readers and visitors,

This is to inform you that I won’t be blogging from today till November 20th due to my upcoming exams. My exams will start on Nov. 5th and end on 20th. But I also need some time for preparing before the exams so I won’t be blogging until my exams get over. When I’ll get back, I’ll have loads to share with you guys :D .

Please don’t unsubscribe from my feed because the blog won’t be left unattended. I have a guest-blogger who will be posting some great tips and tricks while I’ll be away. I hope you will keep visiting my blog and enjoy the posts. If I’ll get time, I’ll try my best to reply to all the comments. Meanwhile, keep looking in the Archives, and I’m sure you’ll find something interesting there. And by the time I’ll come back, I’d have got a PR5 (expected) :D So, come one guys, wish me good luck now! :)

And yeah, one more thing. Before going I’d like thank all my friends who have helped me with my new blog design. Thank you Nirmal, Rishi, DJ Flush, Shankar and all those who have helped me. If I have missed someone, do let me know.

See you all in November, and hey, don’t disappoint me by leaving my feed ;) And you do know that I want to complete my 200 feed readers count. :D

Stay tuned!


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  • No Problem Haris, your feed is on the top in my feed reader and will always be. BTW you have got a rocking site out here and best of luck for your exams :razz:

  • All the best for your exams, study well. Meet you after Nov 20. Even I’m on break for marriage, will be back by Nov 19th. :smile:

  • @Keshav: Thanks a lot :)

    @Nirmal: Good luck with your marriage :D . See you in Nov. :)

  • Good luck with your exams buddy! We’ll be right here when you get back :grin:

  • ram

    Good luck with your exams :grin:

  • good luck for your exams buddy…gues you meant “until my exams get over” and not “until my exams don’t finish”, then i won’t see you blogging at all…

  • All the best for your exams buddy .

  • Thank you all :) I really appreciate all the comments.

    @indyank: Thanks for correcting me. I did the post in quite a hurry. :P Just took a few minutes off and came to check for any new comments.

  • Good luck for your exams dear.

  • Gud luck for your exams buddy…very good luck.!

  • Best of luck!

  • Thanks guys :D

  • good luck haris…………for your exams
    see you on nov 20.

  • @Hammad: Thanks :)