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by on October 14, 2007
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It’s a dream of every blogger to get listed in the top 10 search results of big grand search engine daddies like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. And even you know that it’s quite a tough job. The reason why you want to get to the top is that getting higher rankings in search engines means more traffic and more traffic leads to more revenue.

WordPress is the best blogging platform available on the Internet. And to get most out of it, many plugins have been developed. There are plugins for almost everything you need in WordPress. Similarly, there are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins to help you improve your ranking in search engines.

There are countless blogs with articles listing the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Just Google the keywords “Best SEO Plugins” and see the number of results you get. And today, I’m also going to add one more article in those results :D I guarantee you that with the help of the plugins I’m about to share, you will be listed in the top search engine ranking within 2-3 weeks.

Apart from the list below, if you would like to see the small, old list of SEO plugins I have, then head here.

1. SEO Title Tag

With this plugin, you can create search engine optimized titles for your blog posts and pages. Download from here.

2. Head META Description

This plugin automatically adds META description in your blog posts and pages in WordPress. The plugin inserts a dynamic description from the content that is written in the post/page depending the query-type. META tags are still very important to get a higher rank in search engines. Download from here.

3. Ultimate Tag Warrior – UTW

UTW is the best tagging system available for WordPress. You can add tags to posts, pages, categories and archives. Search engines, even today rely, on META keywords to index pages. Tags and keywords make it easier for search engines bots and spider to crawl on your blog. You can add the tags manually below every post, or create a tag cloud in the sidebar. Tag cloud makes it easier for your readers to search posts of their interest. Download from here.

4. All-In-One SEO Pack

This is the ultra all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress powered blogs. Unlike the above mentioned three plugins, this plugin doesn’t work for only one SEO factor. But it does all the three jobs (plugins above) mentioned. :)

  • Generates META keywords
  • Optimizes your titles
  • And META description

Download from here.

5. Permalink Redirect

This plugin saves you from getting a duplicate content penalty by search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, Live Search etc. It associates all your blog posts and pages respectively to their own one URL. Because as you know, a URL with an trailing slash in end and a URL without the trailing slash in end are two different URLs.

For example:


So, this is a must-have plugin for every blogger. If you are not using this, download yours now.

6. Google Sitemaps Generator

This plugin generates a XML sitemap of your blog which can be used to submit to Google Webmaster service. Google Sitemaps help your blog/site pages to get indexed in a better way. This means more traffic :) . I haven’t seen a single blog that doesn’t uses this. And I hope, you are also one of them. Download from here.

7. Permalink Migration

If at anytime you feel like changing the permalink structure of your blog, but fear that all the posts and pages indexed by search engines, and linked by other blogs will become inaccessible. But don’t worry. This is where the plugin’s part comes. After changing the permalink structure, this plugin does a 301 Redirect on all the old posts and pages. This way, search engines update to the new link and you don’t even lose and traffic or effect your pagerank. Download from here.

8. WWW Redirect

With this plugin, you have more control over the URL of your blog. For example, it’s up to you that you want your blog posts and pages to be accessed with www or without www. This way your blog posts and pages will be saved from getting indexed on major search engines with different variations of the same domain. Download from here.

9. Optimal Title

This plugin does the same job as SEO Title Tag, but if you want to use the standalone title optimizing features of Optimal Title, then you must give it a try. Download from here.

10. Search Meter

This plugin helps you keep your blog focused on what you visitors are looking for. With this plugin, you can know what your visitors are searching on your blog and what do they want. THis plugin works like a search recorder. It records all the search queries, and you can focus more on the content people are looking for. Download from here.

Phew! That’s all :) I would love to see your comments and views about my SEO plugins list.If you have any SEO plugins to share, do share it here. Download from here.

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  • Nirmal

    This is a great collection. :smile: I use most of them. Stumbled.

  • Haris

    @Nirmal: I use 4 plugins out of this list. And BTW, thanks a lot for the stumble!

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  • Thilak

    Nifty Post! I tried Search Meter, but it consumed too much of CPUs on my server. Am I the only one facing this? or did you feel it too?

  • Brown Baron

    I think I need to install the permalink redirect plugin. Thanks for reminding me buddy!

  • tallfreak

    I had to deactivate Google Sitemaps when I installed wordpress 2.3. They were not compatible. I was getting so many database errors until I deactivated it. Have you upgraded to 2.3 yet?

  • Haris

    @Brown: Hehehe, you’re welcome :)

    @tallfreak: Which version of the plugin are you using? Try out this:
    Nah, I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.3 yet. I’ll do when all the plugins will be available for WP2.3, and when it gets stable enough to use. It’s still very buggy. I would recommend you to step down from 2.3 to a previous release.

  • Hammad

    nice list haris
    i ll surely try some of them
    stumbled …..

  • Shankar Ganesh

    All in one SEO is the best of all :D

  • Haris

    @Hammad: Thanks for the stumble, Hammad :)

    @Shankar: Yes, even I use that plugin.

  • ram

    Hey nice list, i use 4 of these plugins. Stumbled

    BTW the new look is good, clean and uncluttered

  • Haris

    @ram: Thanks a lot for the stumble.

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  • donkey

    damn! many blog has wrote about this

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  • SEO Update

    Article with substance, all these plug ins can directly improve one’s wordpress experience. You don’t have to be a programmer to use them. Nice post.. Recommended to every wordpress user.

  • SEO Tool

    Good post!I also have something about SEO to share. Check out my website.550

  • jimmy house

    thanks for sharing useful informations.good work