How To Unblock Contacts In Google Talk

by on October 11, 2007
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This topic would sound absurd, but it really isn’t, so keep on reading :) Have you ever blocked a contact in Google Talk? Well, recently a friend of mine was annoying me a lot. I even warned him not to disturb, but he kept on bugging me, so in the end the only choice I had was to block him. After block, I worked in peace but the next day I felt sorry for what I have done and wanted to unblock him back. But to my surprise, there was no way I can unblock him from Google Talk itself.

I know, this is very weird, but when I blocked him, Google Talk blocked and deleted him from my list. In the end, I did found how to get the contact unblocked back. In thsi post, I’ll tell you how to unblock contacts.

Note: After reading the above paragraphs, please don’t try blocking anyone just for the sake of trying. If you block, and cannot unblock afterwards, I’m not responsible for that. Read on further to learn how to unblock contacts. Here I’ll be using as a sample. I have blocked this contact through my Google Talk, and now want to unblock it.

1. After blocking, you’ll notice that the contact entry in your Google Talk has been permanently deleted. Even if you try searching from the search bar, you won’t find him.


2. Open you Gmail inbox, and wait for the Google Talk module to load in the left sidebar. Then type the user id/email of the contact in it’s search bar whom you blocked and want to unblock. Then point to it’s Profile link, and press the big Chat button.


(click the image to enlarge)

3. It will show the contact as offline (doesn’t matter if the contact is really online or offline). Try typing anything in the chat box. I wrote hello, and got a message above saying: You cannot send a message to a blocked contact.


4. Press the Options button now, and click Unblock [contact name].


5. Contact unblocked! :)


See, I told you that unblocking is a little tricky. If there’s any other method, let me know below.

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  • This helped!

  • jess

    actually, you helped me out, but i found a shortcut along the way! in #2, you open the tab… and well… when i did, i saw under 'show in chat list', 'block so-and-so' with a little green check mark next to it. i clicked on 'block so-and-so', and the check disappeared… so now so-and-so is unblocked… and oddly i tried clicking on his profile and nothing happens. so thanks anyways :)

  • eamonnoconnell

    very handy! Thank you!

  • Thomas

    Go to Contacts -> The person
    And change Block to Always.

  • Hello! Thank you for this good post : )
    I did everything you sed, but still having the same problem!!
    just dont know how to deal with this gtalk or gmail “bug”!

    Thanks again

  • brutalzombie

    i think adding the person is the simplest.. :)… it doesnt go as an invitation since that person has added you prior to this…

  • ramawho

    theres an easier way that consist on unchecking block afer typing the person's name in the gmail chat search bar.

  • nomfralie

    thank you so much for this…i was playing around with this gmail chat for the very first time and somehow blocked this person i love and was going crazy looking for the unblock method.

    so many thanks to you.

  • judie_george

    You can unblock a contact by typing their name in the Search, add, or invite field at the top of your Chat list. Then, in the blue box that appears, hover over your contact's name and select Show in chat list.

  • Thanks for that! Great little lesson and it worked like a charm. :)

  • Very Nice Trick, i alos blocked so many user from my gtalk, due to the distrubons. i dont know really how to unblock them, but finally i understand from your post. Keep it up.

  • stavi18

    i found out an easier way…as long as you have the persons email address then you should still be able to retrieve it pretty easily…open your email until chat is loaded…on the top of the Chat box there should be a search, add, or invite box…type in their email address there and move right once the contact is found until you find where it says they are blocked with a check next to where it says they are blocked…click on that check mark to unblock the contact…this should do it…hope this was helpful…sry if it was a bit confusing

  • Thanks a ton! phew :)

  • ajay

    u can do it thro gtalk as well. click on settings in gtalk and ull have blocked option on the left side.. select it and ull find a list of users u've blocked. select the user and click on unblock. Its simple

  • Thank you so much!! Super helpful!

  • I'm glad this has been of some help to you! :)

  • humz

    Hi Thank you so0o0ooo much:)

  • TommyMai65

    Thank you soooo much!!
    I have the same experience as you, but I didn't feel bad :D We just made up later on, but still thank you

  • That's the hard way…. simply type the person's email into that same search bar and click “Block Name” with the check mark to the left. Selecting it will un-check the check mark! Much simpler, but thanks for the advice… never would have thought to type in their name in that search bar, I was trying the one for the whole inbox

  • rstein

    This is what i did I looked up there emil on the inbox search, looked up an email they had sent me before pressed it and at the top it said there name I pressed it, it had the option chat I pressed it and there was a little chat box pressed on the video and more icon on the left bottom of the box it said unblock and I pressed it and it said that person is now unblocked.

  • Jess

    Thanks for the helpful info. on unblocking chat contacts….I followed your directions and it worked! Very helpful.

  • Susanta Naskar

    Thanks dude

  • Karthik


    There is an easy way of unblocking an address. Instead of clicking the profile button u can click the click the block the person which would be showed with a tick mark

  • Eric Cartman

    Thanks a lot Bro :) .. It really helped me .. Otherwise I would have lost my gf ;)

  • Hahaha! Cool! ;)

  • Jenn

    You can unblock simply by typing in their email address. When it appears it will have “” block with a check next to it. Click that and the check will go away and the person will no longer be blocked.

  • anon623145

    An easier way to do this:

    Click on Contacts in the left hand sidebar (under your mailboxes: Inbox, Trash, et cetera).
    In the window that comes up, select “All Contacts”
    Find the appropriate person and click on them.
    There is a drop-down in the details “Show in Chat List” — which should say “Blocked.” Change it to Auto or Always.

  • Vinthad

    You can unblock the contact if you have the contact information. All that you have to do is type in the email ID where it says Search, add or invite just above the chat list and once you have typed in the email address you will find a popup which will show a tick mark on Block and the contact name, click on it once and the contact will appear on the chat list.

  • Silen_ce

    thanks !!! :)

  • Great article, Thank you for sharing this, Keep up the good work.

  • Chandu

    What if I have blocked him from Gmail sidebar. Contact is already removed from there???!!!

  • Karthik

    Thank u buddy. Its really help me… I want to see your profile. Give me your profile link or email id.

  • Wow this is literally a beautiful technique….thankyou for sharing….

  • Wow thankyou for this technique…I will sure use it in my works….

  • SmarterThanYou

    I have an easier and faster way to do this:
    1. You put in the name on the search bar like it said above
    2. Instead of going to “profile” and “chat” you just uncheck the box that says block

  • Dinesh

    Start Gtalk -> Settings -> Blocked -> Select Contact from the blocke contacts list -> Click Unblock button -> Click OK.


  • VRR

    nothing… just type that mail address in google chat (Search, add, invite) fiels and right click on it. It'll show that you have blocked that person, just check out that tick mark on the block! ur undone with blocking!

  • Jacque


  • Nasimnaz81

    now how can i add a contact whom i blocked before deleting
    would you please help if you know

  • XguestX

    my re-tryings unblocking a contact:
    You have unblocked A#####a.
    You have blocked A#####a. You can no longer see each other online or chat together. Unblock A#####a
    You have unblocked A#####a.
    You have blocked A#####a. You can no longer see each other online or chat together. Unblock A#####a
    You have unblocked A#####a.
    You have blocked A#####a. You can no longer see each other online or chat together. Unblock A#####a Every day, I click “unblock”. But my retries does not make any effect.o_OCan anybody help me?thx a lot

  • Kyle

    didnt work!

  • DG

    THANX A LOT… :)

  • Carry F11

    Hey, there is an easer way…just type in the person you accidentally blocked, then scroll your mouse over to the right and click on “block _____” There should be a check mark next to the “block_____”. So if you just click on it, it will add him/her back into your chat list

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Brooknicole06

    it didnt work. there was no option button??

  • Gondwetg

    Thank you so much Haris! Good lookin out!!!

  • Loice Nakhumicha

    iwant to unblck my freind simwa milton molenje

  • Muskan

    This is nice but i can’t take out his profile it is not coming plz help me