Trick To Run Internet Explorer In Kiosk Mode

by on October 4, 2007
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A friend of mine wanted to run Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode. So this post goes for him :)

First, you should know, what exactly is Kiosk mode. In Kiosk mode, it’s only you and the website you are browsing. No toolbars (top or bottom), no taskbar, no buttons, no windows, nothing!

How to run IE in Kiosk mode:

Well, to run in Kiosk mode, open Run (Start > Run) and type the following:

iexplore -k page

Where page is the website you want to browse. OK, let me make it a little more easier. If you want to browse Sizzled Core on IE (in Kiosk mode, then you go to Run and type: iexplore -k

Simple, isn’t it? :)

How to exit from Kiosk mode?

Of course, there are no navigation buttons, menus or icons which you can use to exit from the Kiosk mode. So to exit from there, use the shortcut Alt + F4.

Keyboard shortcuts for Kiosk mode

Luckily, I have been able to get the full list of keyboard shortcuts that will work in Kiosk mode from Microsoft’s support site.

   Key combination  Function
   CTRL+A           Select all (editing)
   CTRL+B           Organize favorites
   CTRL+C           Copy (editing)
   CTRL+F           Find (on current page)
   CTRL+H           View History folder
   CTRL+L           Open Location dialog box
   CTRL+N           New window (opens in non-Kiosk mode)
   CTRL+O           Open Location dialog box (same as CTRL+L)
   CTRL+P           Print
   CTRL+R           Refresh
   CTRL+S           Save
   CTRL+V           Paste (editing)
   CTRL+W           Close (same as ALT+F4)
   CTRL+X           Cut (editing)
   ALT+F4           Close
   ESC              Stop
   F5               Refresh

These were important, right? :)

Kiosk mode is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and older versions. As I don’t use Internet Explorer, I still have IE6 installed so I don’t know whether it works in IE7 or not.

Kiosk mode in Mozilla Firefox

Want to know how to make Firefox run in Kiosk mode? Download this extension :)

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  • Well, I havent tried the Kiosk mode till now. Will try it now. It definitely looks good in Kiosk mode.

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  • @Nirmal: Do try, and tell me if you liked it :)

  • This is cool . I never knew about this .

  • Looks good. Nice trick too.

  • I’m glad you guys liked it! :)

  • I’m wondering…what’ll be the actual use :P

  • @ReviewSaurus: Well… Yeah! This is something that even I didn’t thought of :p Why are we going to use this any way?

  • strange…I’m the first one who thought about it …h eh ehehe…your tip is hit buddy :)

  • @ReviewSaurus: Thanks :mrgreen:

  • Hey that’s cool.

    I tested it on IE 7 and it works fine :mrgreen:

  • @Shankar: Thanks, I didn’t know that it worked in IE7. I only use Firefox, so there is no need for IE7 :p

    The best part is that even Microsoft’s support site haven’t included IE7 in their list.

  • Nice trick bro. :smile:

  • @HASSAN: Thanks :)

  • Great finding man, was a good experience to work with. :wink:

  • ssalvagg

    It works fine, but I want to lock it down more. No open location or forward and back. :smile:

  • nimoh

    IE7 also supports control-D in kiosk mode to add a favorite

  • Yves

    or if you wish to switch to Mac, use eCrisper from