September 07 Roundup

by on October 2, 2007
in Blogging

September is over, and October has arrived. Now, I’m going to do my second roundup post for my readers. :) This month has been a very successful month for the traffic, but my revenue earnings have dropped a little. Read more to know about the best posts, blog traffic, feed count and revenue earned this month.

Blog Posts:

Blog Traffic:


Unique Visitors: 42,307
Pageviews: 85,109
Page/visits: 2.01
New visits: 89.55%


Google Adsense: $90.21
Kontera: $16.68

That makes a total of $106.89 :)

Top 5 Keywords:

  1. vlc player skins
  2. vlc skins
  3. yahoo mash invitation
  4. vlc media player skins
  5. restore recycle bin

Feed Readers:

Last month, the highest number of feed readers I had were 104, but this month it’s 139 :) Subscribe today and help me increase my feed readers! :p

You can see my last month’s stats here and compare them with this month’s.

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  • Man really sweet stats :) and keeping in mind that you are a new blogger I would say that you are doing a brilliant job

    You have almost half the traffic of Sizlopedia already. Wow! Great going dude.

  • @DJ Flush: Thanks a lot, flush :)

  • Nice going buddy . All the best for next month .

  • @Madhur: Thanks a lot, Madhur :)

  • Impressive stats. I have been blogging since 2005 (not in blog), couldn’t see much traffic in my blog. Keep it up rolling.

  • Thanks a lot! :) Really appreciated.

  • Brilliant stats Harris. Keep up the good work! :smile:

  • Great, Haris! Pageviews are very impressive :) Keep the good stuff coming :D

  • Thank you guys! :smile: